Using Makeup Primers Like a Pro

makeup primer

A great makeup look consists of a beautiful makeup base. It is therefore a must to invest in a good makeup product to provide a beautiful base to your facial makeup. There are several products like concealers that hide any imperfections on your skin or a foundation to help create the base for your other […]

The Benefits of Strong Hair

strong beautiful hair

Do you have naturally thin hair? Does your hair strands break off easily? You have probably considered investing in hair care products with a strengthening formula. The goal behind the use of these products is to strengthen the individual strands in order to prevent hair fall or thinning. But strong hair consists more than just […]

10 Best Beauty Buys for Mother’s Day

mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s day seem to sneak up on us, doesn’t it? It is almost that time of the year wherein we celebrate the most important woman in our lives. Yeah, we try to do that every day of the year but Mother’s Day is extra special. And with a special occasion calls for extra special gifts […]

MBFWA 2015 Trend Report: Hair and Beauty

mbfwa 2015 hairstyle trends

As the models walked the runway for this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia, they are setting the trends for the hottest hairstyle and makeup looks for the season. After all of the shows have wrapped up and we had about a week to allow the trends to settle in, we can therefore conclude that […]

The Big Debate: Tipping Etiquette at the Salon


This has been an old-fashioned debate that just can’t seem to get settled: how much to tip your hairstylist? You probably have asked this question yourself many times before but were too shy to ask. Is there a general rule to follow on how much to tip at the salon? And more importantly, who do […]

Beauty 101: Halt the Signs of Skin Aging


Taking good care of your skin is an important step in preventing the signs of aging. When you are in your early to mid-20’s, it is easy to dismiss the signs of aging. But when you reach your late 30s and early 40s, you will suffer the effects of the harsh elements on your skin. […]

5 Reasons to Go Short Hair… Now

woman short hair with bangs

For most women, opting for short hair only comes with a certain phase in your life. And if ever you do decide to go for short hair, you mostly never go anywhere above the shoulders. But since the explosion of short hairstyles over the last year, it is now the go-to option for most women. […]

Burgundy Lipsticks as Alternative to Red Lips for Autumn

women applying lipstick

A bold red lipstick is one of the most iconic makeup items a girl could ever have. Indeed, a red lipstick can make quite a style statement even when you opt for a low-key style. But when seasons change, it is also good to experiment with different other lip options. In the autumn, burgundy is […]

How to Prevent Skin Breakouts


Your teenage years is a rough time for your skin. As your body is developing, it is prone to developing acne and breaking out. But did you know that skin breakouts do not just happen on our teen years? You are still vulnerable to developing acne if you do not give proper care to your […]

10 Best Products for Restoring Hair From Damage


As the famous saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”. The same applies for hair care and developing a hair routine. However, there are factors beyond our control that can lead to hair getting damaged and beat up. It is therefore important to learn about some basic hair […]