Metallic Eye Makeup for the Holidays


This holiday season is all about getting glam for your parties and gatherings. Have you been constantly looking around for makeup ideas and beauty looks that you can try? There is really no need to stress over it. First off, you have to think about what makeup look would suit your intended dress or outfit […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Xmas Packs Under $150


It’s only 10 days to go until Christmas! The Christmas rush is very much on the high with last-minute gift shopping for your loved ones. But if you cannot afford to splurge, no need to worry, we have the gift guide for you. Check out these amazing deals on Christmas packs that are less than […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Hair Edition


Hair styling is more than just about the technique or skill: most importantly, it is about using the right tools. If your loved one or friend likes to do their own hairstyles at home, buying them a hair styling tool might be the best holiday gift idea. Browse through this gift guide to find the […]

The Complete Guide to Treating Sunburns

Fresh honey

The sun provides vitamin D, which is needed by your skin and provides a healthy glow. But when you spend too much time under the sun, you could end up with painful sunburn. Sunburn happens when the outermost layer of your skin is exposed to too much heat from the sun and its harmful UV […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Makeup Edition


Getting glam for the holidays is always a fun prospect! With holiday parties left and right, you want to look your best. Hence, buying makeup for a friend or loved one is an easy way to ensure your recipient is pleased with the items you got for them. You have therefore come to the right […]

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Skin


In a series of holiday gift guides, we will be making your shopping for gifts a little bit easier with some recommendations for your loved ones. In this edition, you can find excellent products to help pamper and nourish your loved ones’ or friends’ skin with a few skin care products. Shall we get started? […]

Bye, Hair Damage!


This summer, make an effort to be kinder to your hair. The warm weather can already be beating up on your hair, causing irreversible havoc. Hence, you can only imagine how much more damage it has to bear if you were to neglect it. When developing a beauty routine this summer, it also pays to […]

How to Get Sexy Summer Hair


When it comes to finding the right summer hairstyle, you need to focus on more natural looks that highlight your natural beauty and hair texture. With so many outdoor activities and road trips, who has the time to spend countless hours each day trying to create the perfect hairstyle. This year, start a new trend […]

Must-Have Summer Fragrances


Are you looking for the perfect scent to wear this summer? There are several types of fragrances to choose from, but when it comes to the hot weather season, it is all about simple, subtle but sensual fragrances. To make it easier for you to find the right scent to wear, I’ve compiled some of […]

Summer Hair Problems — Solved!


We all love the long and lazy days of summer… but your hair might not. In between the hot weather, the humidity and all the sun exposure, it can lead to a host of hair conundrums. But does that mean you should hide inside your house for the rest of summer? Definitely, that is not […]