Secrets to Making Manicure Last


Getting good manicure and pedicure is a part of any woman’s hygienic routine. There is nothing quite like a poorly done manicure to leave behind a negative impression, especially when it comes to your grooming habit. You would not want that, would you? Knowing how to properly care for and preserve your manicure is vital. […]

What You Need to Know About UV Protection for Hair


Unlike your skin, your hair is not prone to sunburn. But that does not mean it is exempt from getting damaged. During spring and summer, it is not just the sun that you should be careful of – there are salt water, chlorine and humidity to think about. As a consequence, your hair becomes dry […]

A-Z Guide for Fragrance Shopping


Are you in the market for a new fragrance to wear this spring? You might have your own preferences for scents to wear but it is also good to experiment with other types of scents from time to time. If you feel the need to change up your fragrances, it can be a bit confusing […]

Experts’ Guide to Hair Makeover for Beautiful Skin


You spend hundreds of dollars a year to buy your favorite makeup and cosmetic products. Hence, you want to make sure that they deliver the cosmetic effect you desire. As you probably know by now, you simply cannot order a product you see online – you have to take your natural complexion into account for […]

Curly Hair Care Tips for Spring

Young black woman, afro hairstyle, wearing bikini

Spring and summer is such a fun time for outdoor activities. You might love to frolic under the sun, explore outdoor adventure, or just lounge on the beach. But it is only a matter of time until you come to grips with the challenges that the climate offers on maintaining your hair, especially if you […]

Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine


Winter is not the friendliest of seasons when it comes to your hair and skin. Hence, you need to pay your body due diligence by spring cleaning your beauty routine, so to speak. It might entail changing the products you use to ensure that your skin gets gentle but effective treatment during spring without sacrificing […]

Your Guide to Excellent Self-Tanning Results

Tanning Isolated

Spring and summer is a time to hit the beach, enjoy the sun and flaunt some skin. If you’ve been planning to get a tan, now is the best time to do so. Going to a tanning salon regularly can lead costs to add up, though. Thankfully, the advent of self-tanners eliminate the need to […]

Maintenance Tips for Hair This Spring

Beautiful happy smiling woman on summer meadow

The transition from the cold and dry winter to the hot and moist spring can be tough on your hair. These changes in the climate and weather can bring about a host of hair problems. Hence, you need to know proper maintenance tips to make it easier for your hair to cope with these changes. […]

How to Prevent Hair Product Allergies

Shocked and sad woman - broken hair after coloration.

Hair product allergy is more common than most people think. In some cases, you see symptoms but is not aware that it is already an allergic reaction to the product. This, therefore, serves as a wake up call to all women out there when buying products to use on their hair: be cautious and always […]

Rainbow Hair: Would You Dare?


Celebrities always start the trend when it comes to beauty, hairstyle and fashion. But there was one specific trend that regular women were a bit skeptical to jump onto – rainbow and pastel coloured hair. Yes, we’re talking about the likes of Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, and many others who were brave enough to step […]