The Anatomy of an Awesome Haircut


When you are going to the salon for a new haircut, you need to give attention to the details. It is important to take note of a few tips from hairstyle pros to recreate the hottest looks of the year and look awesome wearing them! Angled Pixie • Use razor for creating the tapered sideburns […]

How to Gym-Proof Your Hair


The challenges of maintaining your hair as you work out is nothing alien to women who frequent the gym. It is hard enough to deal with the sweat; you also want to style your hair in a way that it will not impede with your ability to perform your workout. Thankfully, there are strategies that […]

Autumn Hair Care 101


Fall is an especially difficult time when it comes to caring for and styling your hair. The cool temperature makes hair unruly. Hence, there is a tendency for it to become dry and frizzy. The fact that your hair also loses its natural silky feel, it becomes resistant to any effort to styling. But you […]

Best Eye Shadow to Suit Your Eye Colour


Choosing the right eye shadow palette is important in creating a vibrant makeup look. If you think that anyone can rock any colour of eye shadow they want, think again. You can maximize the impact of your makeup by choosing an eye shadow that would best complement your natural eye colour. Are you ready to […]

How to Keep Hair Healthy As It Grows


When it comes to growing your hair, there are several things to think about. However, your number one focus should be on keeping your hair healthy. As your hair grows, maintaining healthy hair becomes doubly difficult though. It involves more work to get all of your strands properly nourished and healthy. Good news for you […]

Beauty 101: The Proper Way to Moisturise Skin


Moisturising is one of the most important steps to routinary skin care. You should never skip it. Or else, you could end up with dry and cracked skin. No one wants to see that. Instead, proper moisture is vital in maintaining a healthy and dewy glow on your skin. But before you are tempted to […]

Tips for Maintaining Healthy and Beautiful Nails


With chilly temperatures on the horizon, you need to be aware that it is not healthy for your nails. Your nail bed can easily get cracked and dry. And if you want to keep your nails looking sexy, you need to avoid all of these. Something has to be done to ensure that you can […]

Guest Post: How to Style Fine Hair

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All women dream of ethereal beauty. Most of the modern day stylists strive to shape the beauty, able of captivating each and every man. Pursuing this goal, they put forward lots of efforts and money; tons of electric devices, make up and perfumes were manufactured for this sole goal, and yet the absolute beauty standard […]

Win $100 Gift Voucher at My Hair Care!


Hey ladies! I have some exciting news for you today! It’s been a long while since we’ve held a giveaway on the blog and so we figured it’s high time we do another one. On our previous giveaway, our coveted prize is a brand new GHD Hair Straightener. This time out, we’re giving away something […]