Questions to Ask Before You Get Eye Lash Extensions

eye lash extension

Having long lashes can make for more dramatic eyes! Hence, every woman aspires to have naturally long ones. But not everyone of us is born with beautiful natural lashes. Thankfully, mascaras are there to fake longer and thicker lashes. However, there are instances wherein putting on mascara takes on a lot of our time and […]

Take Your Braid Game to the Next Level

half up with fishtail braid

Okay, I admit: I love braids! And I am pretty sure we all do. Braids is a classic way to style your hair – it never grows old. However, the biggest factor that make braids appealing to all women is the fact that you can wear it many different ways. You can wear it to […]

GHD Curve™ Hair Tutorials: Waves & Curls

GHD Curls

GHD is one of the top brands offering luxury hair styling tools not just in Australia, but all over the world. The one thing that sets GHD apart from other brands is its focus on providing salon and professional grade styling tools to give you the best styling results every single time, even with yourself […]

Guest Post: How to Balance pH in Hair Naturally


Keeping the pH balance of your hair within the proper scope is important to not only the health of your hair, but the health of your scalp as well. Balancing the pH levels of your hair naturally is extremely easy through the use of a pH test strip and the testing of the products that […]

Trend Report: Autumn/Winter 2015 Nail Trends

opi barre my soul

The vibrant colour and sheer nude trend of spring is finally over… it is time to welcome a new trend for autumn and winter! If you like to complement your look and style with your nail colour, then you will be excited to know that we are bringing you the best nail trends this year. […]

Hairstyle Trends You Can Try This Winter


With winter officially here, you might be curious about the hottest trends for hairstyles and hair colours that you should be sporting for the season. The latest fashion runways have exhibited the top styles to wear for winter 2015 and most of these are variations or bold interpretations of classic hairstyles and beauty looks. If […]

Skin Survival Guide for Winter

winter skin

One of the few upsides to winter is the opportunity to cuddle up while bundled in bed and that rosy glow to your cheeks. But apart from these, it carries a host of body and skin care woes that you need to pay close attention to. Dry skin, chapped lips… these are just a few […]

What Your Lipstick Colour Says About You

red lipstick

If you ask any woman, lipstick is one of the most essential makeup items in their beauty kit. Some women might agree, but you have to have at least one or two lipsticks in your purse. The best part about wearing lipstick is the fact that you have several shades to choose from. You can […]

How You Could Unknowingly Ruin Your Hair Colour


Do you like to colour your hair often? It is no doubt one of the best ways to enhance your look or get a makeover without a haircut or changing your hairstyle. If you took a hair colour treatment at the salon, you probably paid a hefty amount for it, too. Hence, it is only […]

8 Rules to Follow with Hair Extensions

hair extensions

Every woman dreams of having full, thick and healthy hair. However, things do not always go as planned or as hoped. During these times, you can turn to hair extensions to achieve your dream hairstyle. But just like your real hair, you need to invest on taking good care of your hair extensions to make […]