5 Must-Have Heat Styling Tools

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Spending money on all possible heat styling tool sold in the market is both impractical and impossible (for some). Not everyone can afford hair styling tools so you have to make every piece count. According to hair styling experts, as long as you have five heat styling tools, you’re good to go. Want to know […]

Tips to Fix Brassy Hair Colour


Brassy hair tends to happen when you want to lighten up the shade of your existing hair colour. This is typically what happens when you perform the lightening on your own. Women with red hues are most vulnerable to this predicament. After applying the peroxide, the hair develops this unwanted tone of orange or gold. […]

Ask the Expert: Should You Cut Thinning Ends?


Dealing with dry ends is always a puzzle for a lot of women. When you see those thin and dry ends, you get the urge to just trim them off so you can get rid of the problem once and for all. Leaving those ends on will detract the overall look of the hair. Even […]

The Importance of Sealing in Moisture & How to Do It

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One of the most important practices to maintaining healthy and beautiful hair is to keep it properly moisturised. However, a lot of women neglect another key component involving moisture in hair – you need to be able to seal it or else you can see that moisture dissipate as quickly as you had introduced it. […]

Your Guide to Identifying Your Hair Care Style


Proper hair care is more than just a one-time event; it is a matter of forming habits. Every individual vary in their hair care habits due to a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include hair type, needs, daily living, and lifestyle, to name a few. But hair care is more than just amassing […]

Biotin for Hair: What You Need To Know


Biotin is another term of vitamin B-7 and is found in a wide range of food sources including cucumber, egg, cauliflower, chicken, salmon, Swiss chard, and wheat germ, among others. It is an essential nutrient as it provides protein and carbohydrates. Some hair care experts have also deemed that taking higher doses of biotin can […]

Tips to Boost Hair’s Moisture Retention

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Moisture is an important component in maintaining healthy hair. Hence, you need to ensure that you meet your hair’s requirement when it comes to moisture level or else it will leave your strands feeling dry and straw-like. This not only makes styling more difficult but also makes your hair look unhealthy. It is therefore important […]

Maintenance Tips for Curly Hair

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Curly hair can be a pain to deal with. A lot of naturally curly women complain about not being able to keep their hair in control. Indeed, it tends to fall flat or become extremely frizzy. It is therefore important to know about the proper care methods for curly hair to ensure that you can […]

How To Get Less Tangles After Shampooing

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When you apply shampoo to hair in the shower, you normally lather it onto the hair and scalp. This ensures that any dirt, dead skin cells, and other residues are washed off in the process. But sometimes, you can get overwhelmed with the shampooing process that you end up vigorously lathering the hair strands to […]

10 Hair Styling Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


Hair styling is a part of any woman’s daily hair care routine. It is important to do your own styling so you can save money from visits to the salon. But a lot of women complain that they do not get the same results at home as they do with hairdressers in a salon. Truth […]