Help Your Hair Cope With The Changing Season


Summer had its own set of challenges for your hair but the cold weather during winter has more challenges, too. Whatever the season, you cannot escape the challenges that goes with maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. The key here is to learn how you can cope with the change of season to make the transition […]

Manicure Mistakes? Beauty Hacks to the Rescue


Whether you love to do your own manicure at home or visit the salon to get your nails done, you want to make the results last for as long as possible. Setting aside time for a manicure or pedicure is something that not a lot of women have the luxury of today. Hence, it is […]

Are You Using Your Round Brush Correctly?


A round brush is one of the most indispensable tools in a woman’s hair styling kit. It is typically used with a blow dryer to creating volume and blowout on hair. However, not all women are able to maximise the use of a round brush and know the right styling techniques for it. Thankfully, I’ve […]

5 Best Frizz Fighters to Add to Haircare Routine


There are several hair styling products sold in the market designed to fight frizz. However, frizz can be a stubborn problem. The moment your hair absorbs moisture from the air or exposed to high level of humidity, hair goes on a freak out mode and starts to frizz away! The reason for your frustration is […]

Rules to Ace Your Daytime Makeup

Face cream woman

If you think that daytime makeup is easy, think again. The broad natural day light makes any flaws easily visible. You should therefore learn how to ace your daytime makeup so you’d look more presentable, vibrant, and fresh without showing any imperfections. Wearing makeup for day use is no rocket science. Here are four rules […]

Top Hair and Beauty Trends for 2015

Portrait of attractive young woman with red lipstick

Are you a sucker for trends? Well, you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to show you top hair and beauty trends that you will be seeing more of in 2015. Trends provide a great idea for coming up with hair and beauty looks, or draw inspiration from. Shall we get […]

Hair Mistakes You Need to Stop… NOW

Happy young woman applying hair conditioner

A lot of women go about their daily hair care routine thinking they know exactly what they are doing. After all, how much more complicated can shampooing and conditioning get, right? Truth is, there is actually more to these basic hair care procedures if you want to maintain healthy hair. Take note of these hair […]

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Idea


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are planning to stay in or go on a fancy date with your significant other, spending Valentine’s Day always entail a bit of planning. For us, women, the planning part usually involves the hair, makeup and outfit. Don’t worry because we have one of these covered for you – check […]