GHD Hair Tutorial: Soft, Glamorous Waves


Soft, glamorous waves or curls is a great party hair go-to. It is simple yet brings forth a sophisticated appeal for an effortlessly chic style. It is also a classic so you can sport this hairstyle to any glam event without wearing about a theme or making sure it matches with the dress you are […]

Bad Hair Day? Try These Hair Tricks!

Clear beauty

We all have these days – bad hair days. But aside from the frustration of not being able to style your hair the way you want to, it can also dampen your mood. But do not let bad hair day get you down. I am going to show you some simple tricks that you can […]

Scrunched Waves: A How-To Guide

beautiful blonde woman

Adding texture to your hair is a great way to add volume when styling your hair. At the same time, it provides added grip when you want to try on different hairstyles, especially updos and braids. Scrunching is a great technique that you can use to give hair that much needed texture. If you can […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Hair Wash


Do you wash your hair daily? It has been told again and again that you need to refrain from doing so, for the sake of your hair’s health. This can be tough for most women especially those who are prone to developing greasy hair when they go beyond 24 hours with washing their hair. You […]

Guide to Choosing Hair Highlights


The concept of highlights in the hair and beauty industry has greatly evolved in the past few years. Nowadays, you could not just get one specific highlights as there are dip dyes, ombre, sombre, and lowlights, to name a few. If you want to make your highlights worth every penny you spent, it is important […]

Colour Preservation Tips for Brunettes

close-up portrait of beautiful brunette woman

Whether you are a natural brunette or dyed your hair dark, it is important to follow basic hair care tips to ensure that you can preserve your colour for as long as possible. Darker hair colour tend to produce more gloss and so it is easier to maintain provided that you follow the right procedure. […]

Styling Tricks to Make Your Braids Look Thicker

Beautiful Woman Portrait. Long Brown Hair

Braids are one of the most enduring hairstyles around. The reason for this is that it is both functional and stylish. However, practicing how to create the perfect braid can entail a learning curve. In some cases, they do not end up the way you envisioned them to be (or as you see on Pinterest […]

Ask the Expert: Should You Get a Keratin Treatment?

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Frizz is one of the biggest nemesis for your hair, regardless of type or texture. A day in the beach or when you’re out and about during cold months, frizz is always there, haunting your dream of having beautiful hair. However, you shouldn’t declare defeat against frizz. There is one hair treatment that has been […]

Reasons Why You’re Losing Hair

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Hair loss used to be a problem plaguing men only. However, there is an evident rise in hair loss cases in women these days. The obvious reasons could be pointed to exposure to harsh chemical treatments and heat styling; however, there are far more factors that can contribute to your hair loss or thinning than […]