DIY Hair Mask Recipes for Summer

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The impact of the heat and humidity of summer on your hair is no joke. Aside from dealing with frizz and dryness that make styling hair a real challenge, you have to think about the long term effects on your hair strands as far as damage is concerned. Hair Mask Recipe No. 1 What You’ll […]

Ask the Expert: How to Make Keratin Treatment Last?


A keratin treatment is a good treatment to have for your hair. However, there are a lot of women who see their investment flush down the drain simply because they do not know how to properly care for and maintain it. A keratin treatment is basically the process of injecting keratin, a type of protein […]

How to Get a Bouncy Blowdry at Home


There is a chic, almost runway look, effect to pin-straight hair. However, there is also a unique attribute to bouncy and airy hair that makes it effortlessly sexy. It is no wonder most women prefer to wear this kind of hairstyle on most days. It is the easiest way to look pulled together without really […]

Get Some Babylights for Summer


The pastel or dip-dye trend might have created a buzz in the hair and beauty industry, but natural-looking highlights continue to be a beauty staple. But here is a hot new trend that is looking to take over the scene: babylights. You might have seen this a few times on celebrities and models but did […]

Common Natural Hair Care Questions Answered

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Working with natural hair is a puzzle. You want to be able to figure out how the natural texture of the hair behaves so you can address it using the right hair care methods. But sometimes, this feels like something easier said than done. Make sure you know how to handle basic natural hair issues […]

How to Keep Hair Off of Your Face in Summer


During the summer or any hot weather season, for that matter, choosing a hairstyle gets a little more tricky. You want to take the hot temperature into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. Comfort is also another vital factor. Hence, it is not surprising that a lot of women prefer to have their hair up or […]

Makeup Contouring: Tips and Tricks

Woman applying face foundation

Contouring is one of the most important techniques you will learn about applying makeup. It is also the most difficult to master. However, it is important to give much thought about contouring with makeup to highlight your best facial features. It can also help to hide your least favorite features or at least make them […]

How to Wear Two-Tone Hair Colour


Gone are the days wherein colouring your hair meant going for a single colour tone. The hair colour trends of today are characterised by bold, daring and out-of-the-box ideas. However, there is no need to be a celebrity since you can rock these trends on the daily life. It is all about finding your natural […]

Ask the Expert: Can You Over-Do Conditioner?

Closeup on young woman showing hair conditioner

Aside from shampoo, the use of conditioner is one of the pillars to your daily hair care routine. In fact, while experts recommend you avoid daily shampoo, the daily use of conditioner is highly recommended. Conditioning offers several benefits to your hair: it nourishes the strands from inside-out, it injects lots of moisture, and also […]

Are You Using Your Perfume the Right Way?


Do you like to wear perfume all the time? Do you notice that the scent does not last as long as you want? Do you have to constantly re-apply your perfume? Even though the process of applying perfume is the least complicated part of your daily beauty routine, there are a lot of ways wherein […]