Hairstyle How-To: Baby Bouffant

Girl with fresh make-up

Do you find a full beehive to be an intimidating hairstyle to wear? Why not opt for a baby bouffant instead? It is a fun way to sport a retro hairstyle without looking over-the-top. This sweet and voluminous hairstyle is also a great way to spice up your day or night look. Here is a […]

Argan Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use


Argan oil is a natural oil extracted from the seeds of argan fruit. This type of fruit can be found in Morocco. The seed is crushed and squished until the oil is extracted from it. This oil is used for a number of applications in the skin and beauty industry due to its beneficial properties. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Short Hairstyles

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Short hair is in vogue this year, as it has been since 2013. Hence, a lot of women are daring to chop off their locks in the hopes of keeping up with the hottest hairstyle trend. But there is more to styling short hair than cutting your hair short. There is a lot of versatility […]

Why Dirty Hair is Better


Dirty is better. This phrase might not hold true in most instances in life, but it does (in certain cases) for your hair. To be specific, experts agree that it is easier to work with and style dirty hair over freshly washed hair. Now, if you had been hating the idea of skipping daily wash, […]

DIY How-To: Hair Lightening Recipes


Are you looking to lighten up your hair colour? There is no need to hit the salon every single time… you can get it done by yourself at home. You can scour your kitchen for a few items that you can use for lightening ingredients for your hair. Lemon This is most probably the most […]

How to Infuse More Strength to Thin Hair


The structure and composition of thin hair makes it vulnerable to breakage. However, it does not mean that you are doomed in case you were born with fine hair. Stronger hair is within your reach provided that you follow a certain set of hair care rules and guidelines. Follow the tips below to fortify strength […]

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

Beauty and hairstyle

Short hair is no doubt the hottest trend of the year. This has convinced a lot of women (even those who have sported long hair for most of their lives) to go to the salon and have several inches chopped off. However, a pixie cut remains to be an uncharted territory for most. Even if […]

Multi-Tone Ombre: A New, Edgier Ombre


Kate Mara and other daring celebrities do not like to be confined in a box as far as experimenting with hair colour is concerned. Hence, this trend-setting celebrities are creating a whole new look that a lot of women are raving about. Just when you thought that the ombre trend is slowly fizzling out, it […]

Signs You Need to Change Up Hairstyle


You love your hairstyle and you want to keep it for as long as possible. But can you really commit to a hairstyle that was on trend maybe a decade ago? Isn’t it nice to change things up from time to time? If you’re too scared to deal with change, here are some pointers to […]

Hair Care Ingredients: Protein 101


Protein is one of the main building structures of your hair. Without it, hair becomes weak and brittle, which consequently makes it prone to damage. Getting enough protein for your hair is vital in preserving the integrity of each strands. After all, an effective hair care routine consists of not only keeping hair looking beautiful […]