Buying Tips for False Eye Lashes


Nowadays, you don’t have to be born with extremely long lashes in order to strut one. You can find several retailers providing a wide array of false eye lashes to choose from. And while options are good, having too many of them can overwhelm at times. Buying false eye lashes suddenly did not seem as […]

How to Have Beautiful (Unwashed) Hair


So… you had another hectic morning? Did not have the time to wash your hair? You are probably dreading the thought of running into someone today as your hair can be a ball of mess, or worse smell like a total mess. But don’t you worry – with the right hair styling products and techniques, […]

Hairstyle and Beauty Tips for a Job Interview


When you are preparing for a job interview, there are several things that you need to take into account. First off, you must prepare yourself for the questions you are going to be asked so it pays to do a research. But you also need to pay attention to your physical appearance. It might not […]

Makeup Tips for a Picture Perfect Look


Even though you might be happy with how your makeup looks in the mirror, it can be an entirely different case when you look at them in the pictures. A single flash of the camera can alter your look or expose any weaknesses in your makeup. Whether it is a bad formula or lack of […]

Great Hair Begins With…


Part of having great hair on a daily basis begins with the basics. Shampoo and Conditioner are the first steps, the foundation blocks of building great hair. Many people overlook these two simple steps but they are a vital part of a hair care regimen. Shampoo and conditioner are to your hair what a cleanser […]

Questions About Shampoo Answered

girl at the shower

Women spend hundreds of dollars and countless amount of time each day in a bid to have great hair. It is therefore important to give some thought to your shampoo habits to ensure that you are making the most of every wash. Below are some of the questions that you might have about the use […]

How to Deal with Thick Hair

Beautiful girl

All women aspire to have lots of volume on our hair. But for women with overly thick mane, everyday seems to be a struggle just to get those strands to submit into styling. However, it should not always be a struggle – you need to learn a few rules when it comes to managing your […]

Makeup Tricks for Women with Small Eyes

Beautician artist applying makeup

If you are born with small eyes, do not despair. You can use makeup to brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger than they really are. You can stop dreaming about having doe eyes like Mila Kunis’ because with the right eye shadow and application techniques, you can make your small eyes appear […]

Fixing a Bad Fake Tan

lovely woman

Is there anything worse than slathering your skin with a spray tan or self-tanner only to wake up to a bad tan the next day? It’s no secret that achieving a perfect tan is something that all women strive for, especially with the hot weather season on the horizon (aka bikini season). But if you […]