How To Make Long Bob Work For You


The “lob”. That is the term used to describe the long bob, a shoulder-grazing variation of the famous bob hairstyle that hit big in the past year or so. Indeed, a lot of famous names and even regular women hopped onto the short hair trend when it became big in 2013 and were inspired by […]

Makeup Crimes You Need to Steer Clear Of


Makeup, among other cosmetic products, are designed to enhance and/or complement your natural beauty. This is why it is important to take extra consideration when shopping for makeup products to ensure that it will look flattering on you. However, we have all had those times wherein we did not know better. Hence, it can lead […]

Essential Guide to Vacation Hair Care

Woman in Blue Dress and Hat at Sea. Rear View.

When on vacation, you want to be able to leave your life behind and enjoy what is in store for you. The same should be the case with your hair. However, it is easier said than done. A case of bad hair day can almost always ruin your entire vacation. Make sure you plan ahead […]

Guide to Proper Order for Applying Skin Products

Skin care. Girl applying moisturizing cream

When it comes to skin care and beauty, most of us focus solely on trying to get the right products to use. However, finding the right products is just one step. Proper use and application is also important to enjoy their benefits. One thing you need to take a closer look into when using skin […]

Dirty Hairstyles for the Lazy Girl


Messy buns are one of the go-to looks for women on-the-go. It is effortlessly easy to style without sacrificing the chic factor in your hairstyle. This hairstyle and the skills needed to create it comes in handy during those times wherein you are too lazy to even bother styling or washing your hair. With spring […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Lash Extensions

Woman eye with beautiful makeup and long eyelashes. Mascara Brus

If you are open to experimenting with various cosmetic products, you need to try using eye lash extension at least once in your life. This is a great product to use to enhance the beauty of your eyes and lashes by making it look fuller. Some of these products might cost a fortune and it […]

How to Prevent Dry Hair in Spring

Woman relaxing in swimming-pool

With spring and summer, you expect to go out more often than you would the rest of the year. The weather is indeed perfect for exploring outdoor adventures – but have you considered the detrimental effects of the weather on your hair? Of all the harsh things it can do to your hair, dryness is […]

Secrets to Making Manicure Last


Getting good manicure and pedicure is a part of any woman’s hygienic routine. There is nothing quite like a poorly done manicure to leave behind a negative impression, especially when it comes to your grooming habit. You would not want that, would you? Knowing how to properly care for and preserve your manicure is vital. […]

What You Need to Know About UV Protection for Hair


Unlike your skin, your hair is not prone to sunburn. But that does not mean it is exempt from getting damaged. During spring and summer, it is not just the sun that you should be careful of – there are salt water, chlorine and humidity to think about. As a consequence, your hair becomes dry […]

A-Z Guide for Fragrance Shopping


Are you in the market for a new fragrance to wear this spring? You might have your own preferences for scents to wear but it is also good to experiment with other types of scents from time to time. If you feel the need to change up your fragrances, it can be a bit confusing […]