How to Get Thicker Hair


Everyone wants to have thick and voluminous hair because it sure does look healthier than thinning hair. However, not everyone is naturally gifted with this kind of hair. For those with thin and fine hair, don’t despair. It is relatively easy to infuse more volume into your hair with the right styling products and proper styling technique.

Here are some that you can try for yourself:

Stimulate Your Scalp

Choose shampoos that contain eucalyptus oil or peppermint as an ingredient. Then, massage the shampoo thoroughly onto your scalp. The said ingredients are naturally proven to promote circulation to your scalp and when your scalp gets sufficient blood flow, it can improve health of your follicles and facilitate growth. Also, spend at least 30 seconds massaging your scalp before you shower.

Conditioner is Your Best Friend

Proper hair conditioning improves hydration in your hair strands. And when each strand is properly hydrated, there is less likelihood of breakage or splitting. Gentle treatment is therefore the first secret to getting thicker hair and maintaining it for longer. Also, if you can perform deep conditioning at least once a week (less or more, depending on your hair condition), you can get properly nourished hair.

Boost Hair Health with Amino Acids

Improve your diet by consuming more food substances that are good sources of protein. This kind of nutrient is essential in enhancing natural hair growth rate. Hence, try to add more food items rich in protein into your daily diet to see significant improvement in hair strength and thickness over time.

Get Layers

A layered haircut also creates the illusion of thicker hair. One length hair tends to have this flat and thinning effect. Hence, visit your favorite hairstylist and ask to get a layered haircut so your hair can appear thicker than it actually is.

Refrain From Cutting Hair Too Often

There is a common misconception that cutting your hair too often can speed up growth. Trim the ends rather than cut the length. Try a style change in order make it appear longer.

Get a Keratin Treatment

Aside from improving your diet by taking in more protein, you can also get a keratin treatment to speed up pace of hair growth. Do this once every eight weeks. Aside from facilitating hair growth, you can also use this treatment to smoothen texture of hair by reducing use of hot tools. In addition, it provides a layer of protection to the hair strands to avoid further breaking or splitting.

Use Hair Extensions

Another easy and effortless trick for improving thickness of hair is to use clip-in extensions. In order to make it look as natural as possible, choose a hair texture and color that is similar to your natural hair.

What other tips do you have to get thicker hair?


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