How to Overcome Stubborn Tangles


There is nothing like unruly, stubborn tangles to ruin your day. No matter how you care for your hair, tangles can get in the way and ruin it all. But instead of trying to rip through tangled locks, you need to be extra careful so as not to cause more damage or worse result to hair breakage. Hair care experts recommend that you break down your measures into two: 1) prevention and 2) fighting tangles.


The simplest trick to battling tangles is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Hence, you should invest in proper conditioning and drying techniques to ensure that your hair is not vulnerable to tangling.

When hair is properly conditioned, the silky and smooth strands will be able to effectively resist tangle formation. Choose a good conditioner and smooth it down the entire length of your hair to ensure that the cuticle layer is covered with the conditioning formula. With a smooth cuticle layer, they won’t grab onto neighboring strands that can cause tangles to form. Everyday conditioning is a must if you want to get smooth hair that is tangle-free.

Tips for Fighting Tangles

When you see tangles form at your hair, the situation might appear desperate. But you should not be easily frustrated because there are surefire ways to beat tangles without causing long-term damage to your locks. Here are some of the tips that you can try:

• Most tangles form while washing the hair. Thus, avoid piling your hair atop your head as it causes the strands to get knotted up together. Always begin by brushing your to ensure that they are not tangled. Also, focus your shampoo on the scalp area because that is what requires most scrubbing and cleaning, not the length of the hair.

• The same tip above applies for conditioner. Do not lather it all over your hair. You can opt to apply it onto the comb and then run the comb through your hair. That way, you are de-tangling while conditioning at the same time.

• Refrain from rubbing your hair hysterically with a towel. Allow it to air dry before you start working on it.

• Tie your hair up whenever you are exposed to a breezy environment. Braids are one of the best hairstyles that you can use to keep tangles away. Plus, it is trendy too! If you are not a fan of braids (or don’t know how to do it yourself), try bun instead.

• When trying to get rid of tangles, you need to avoid bobble-tipped brushes because not only are they ineffective against tangles, but they are also damaging to hair. Wide-tooth comb works best for tangles – or even your own fingers! Only after you’ve ensured that all tangles are gone should you switch to using a boar bristle brush.

• Working with damp hair is an easier way to get rid of stubborn tangles, too. Apply a small amount of your favorite detangling product to hair while working on untying the tangles. Be patient when removing knots so you do not cause breakage.

What is your secret against tangles?


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