7 Golden Rules for Styling Sexy, Straight Hair

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beautiful model showing her perfect blonde straight hairBig and bouncy waves are no doubt sexy. However, you don’t have to hate your straight hair, either. This type of hair can be extremely sexy when you know how to properly style it. In fact, sleek straight hair is getting a revival both in the runway trends and in the street scene (a few celebrities are also spotted sporting them). Make sure you take note of these styling secrets and tips to achieve the sexiest straight hair you could ever imagine.

1. Stay away from hair care products containing sulfate. Sulfate might help produce a sudsy lather on your hair but it is not good if you are aiming for a sexy, sleek look. This type of ingredient is extremely harsh on the hair and can make it unmanageable.

2. A round brush is your best friend when it comes to creating a fancy blowout at home. However, brushes are also excellent for styling straight hair. You have to be wiser when shopping for the right brush to use to recreate this style, however. Choose a metal barrel if you want to achieve a straight look because it responds quickly to heat coming from the blow dryer. As you blow dry your strands, the heat also helps to boost root volume.

3. The concentrator nozzle is one of the most important attachments available in your blow dryer for creating a sleek, straight hair. The aim for this nozzle is to direct heat where you want it to work on the hair.

4. Avoid brushing damp hair if you want to style it to be sexy straight. Wait until hair is damp before doing so. The reason behind this is that brushing wet hair will further flatten out hair that is limp. You want sexy straight hair but too limp is not good to look at either.

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5. Use your fingers to de-tangle. It is the simplest and most inexpensive tool you have for styling straight hair!

6. Limit your use of flat iron. The ideal frequency for using flat iron on straight hair is up to two times a week.

7. Sexy straight hair does not always equate to super sleek hair. You have to give it some body and shape, too. Use a round brush or opt for flat iron that comes with rounded edges so your straight hair does not look overly done.

Do you have straight hair? What is your secret to making it look healthy and gorgeous all the time?

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