Ask the Expert: Can Lack of Sleep Lead to Hair Loss?

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Sleep is one of the most important basic human needs. During sleep, the body goes through its natural restoration period wherein it repairs and recuperates itself after the entire day’s activities. Another importance of getting adequate sleep is to facilitate in the normal bodily functions. Without enough shuteye, your body can breakdown and even the simplest processes won’t function as efficiently.

One of the things often overlooked when relating to the topic of sleep loss is the health of the hair. The common physical symptoms associated with hair loss includes dark under eye circles and dry skin, but your hair could be suffering too. Aside from losing its natural shine and lustre, a more pressing issue to look into when you are not getting enough sleep is hair loss.

sleep and hair loss

And no, the link between hair loss and lack of sleep is not a myth. A British study conducted by a hair loss clinic has shown the link between the immune function of the body, physical and mental stamina, and ability to secrete hormones are being significantly affected by lack of sleep. Hence, hair loss can become a consequent effect when something goes awry in these basic internal body processes.

The reason why few people point to sleep loss as a reason behind hair loss is because most link it to stress. However, stress can become an after-effect of sleep deprivation, too.

If you want to stop the pattern of hair loss due to sleep loss, here are some strategies you should adapt:

• Change your sleeping pattern. If your current sleeping pattern does not allow you to have a sound sleep, try changing your sleeping habits such as going to bed earlier than usual, avoiding any form of distraction that might keep you from sleeping soundly, or even something as drastic as changing your bedroom décor. Your goal is to make sleeping a pleasant experience as much as possible.

• Invest in a good pillow. There are two-fold benefits in choosing the right pillow to use. First, you can expect a good night’s sleep with a comfortable pillow underneath your head. Second, a silk pillow can help to eliminate tangles and knots on your hair as you sleep. This type of pillow also creates minimal friction so you can contribute to combating hair loss while you sleep.

• Incorporate stress relief activities into your daily habit, such as exercise and yoga. The less stress you have in your life, the more likely you will have a healthy sleeping pattern.

• Use a night-time leave-in conditioner or masque. This will help to nourish your hair from within to strengthen strands and nourish the scalp to promote new hair growth. It is a good product to use so your hair is being treated to even while you sleep.

Are you suffering from lack of sleep? How is it affecting your hair’s health?

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  1. Richards Avatar

    Sleep depravation leads to many problems. having a good sleep is essential for healthy being.