Beauty 101: How to Get Radiant Summer Glow

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In the summer, the goal is to achieve a polished and natural glow to your beauty look. But with the heat and humidity, it is an impossibility. For one, you can’t stop sweating. But if you know the right beauty steps to preserve your makeup look and give your skin a beautiful glow, it should be easy. Check out these pro tips to get a gorgeous summer glow and make your makeup application smarter:

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The first step to a beautiful summer glow is to exfoliate your skin. Get rid of dead skin cells by using a clean, wet washcloth, and then use it to gently scrub your skin, especially around your face. The combination of perspiration, makeup residue, and dust can clog your pores and result in irritations or impurities on your skin. By exfoliating your skin, you can get rid of these impurities and also have a natural supple effect on your skin.


A gentle toner is ideal during the warmer months of summer. When you use a toner, it can make your pores look smaller while also restoring the ideal pH level on your skin. If you need to add moisture to your skin, an alcohol-free toner can also get the job done. You can carry a small bottle around when out and about during the summer and spritz a small amount on your face to refresh your skin.

The Right Coverage

The best type of foundation for the summer is one that is sheer and waterproof. You should specifically be on the lookout for companies that specialise in waterproof makeup that can withstand the heat of summer. This type of foundation provides enough cover to hide unwanted spots and also creates an even skin tone.

Bronze it Up

For that natural-looking summer glow, use a lightweight bronzer. The best type of powder is made with a light powder formula because it is more buildable than its liquid counterparts. Get your ideal summer glow with a matte-finish foundation and a shade darker than your natural complexion. Apply the bronzer to the parts of your face that will get the most exposure from the sun.


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Do not just rely on skin care and makeup products that contain SPF; use a separate sunscreen for your skin as well. A lightweight sunscreen is recommended by professional makeup artists, so it is easily blendable with your other makeup products. This is a trick to maintain a summer glow and protect your skin from sun damage as well.

Bonus Tip

To get your desired summer glow, here are more beauty tips to consider:

  • The summer months will be harsh on your skin and makeup. Make your life easy and invest in waterproof makeup products.
  • Finish off your makeup look with a soft but high-shine lip product. This will add a beautiful glow to your skin.
  • Use a professional and long-lasting setting spray for your makeup. Also, don’t forget to bring a touch-up powder to remove excess shine from your skin.

How do you achieve and maintain your summer glow?

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