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Biologi Product for Every Skin Type - My Hair Care & Beauty

Since Biologi launched into the market, it has broken the skincare mould. Routine cleansing, toning, and moisturising might seem like a modern practice, but it has been around for centuries. When bottled products were not yet available, women relied on nature to care for their skin.

Biologi aims to bring some of that into modern society by introducing a revolutionary, clean cosmeceutical skincare range that taps into the natural healing and nourishing powers of plant-based phyto-actives. It’s time to transform your skincare routine using the Biologi product suited for your skin type or concern.

Biologi Product for Every Skin Type

Can’t decide which Biologi product to use? This guide is for you.

Oily and Problematic Prone Skin

If you have oily skin prone to acne or breakouts, use the Bd serum once daily (ideally at night). After the first week of use, alternate the Bd serum with the Bqk serum.

For instance, on Day 1 of your skincare routine, use the Bd serum in the morning and night. On Day 2, switch to using the Bqk serum in the morning and night. On Day 3, go back to using the BD serum.

Highly Sensitive Skin

If you have susceptible skin, use the Bf serum once daily for two weeks straight. After that, you can alternate it with the Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum. Use the Bk serum in the morning and the Bf serum at night. Or you can use the Br morning and evening.

Biologi Product for Every Skin Type - My Hair Care & Beauty

Sensitive Skin That’s Prone to Breakouts

If your sensitive skin makes it prone to developing breakouts, use the Bf serum once a day for one week. After the first week, use it twice daily (morning and night). After the redness has been reduced and the skin is calmer, you can start using the Bd serum as part of your skincare routine.

Use the Bd serum in the morning and the Bf serum at night.

Dry Skin

For those with dehydrated skin, we recommend the Bf serum twice daily (morning and night). You can also incorporate Rosehip oil in your daily routine over any Biologi Serum. Wait a few minutes to let the serum absorb before applying the Br Rosehip Oil.

Normal to Combination Skin

If you have normal skin that tends to get dry, use the Bd serum once a day (at night) for one week. Then, increase that to twice daily – once in the morning and then at night. You can also alternate it with the Bqk serum (which must be used day and night).

Sun-Damaged Skin

If you have sun-damaged skin that shows signs of ageing, the Bm serum is your friend. It would be best if you used this serum once a day at night for the first week.

After the first week, you can increase the frequency of use to two times a day – morning and night. Then for best results, alternate it with the Bqk serum for use in the morning and night, too.

Highly Pigmented Skin

To even out the pigments on your skin, use the Bd serum every night for one week straight. After that, use it twice daily (morning and night) and alternate with the Bqk Duo serum or the Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye serum.

Ageing Skin Concerns

Introduce the Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing serum into your regime to target any preventative, premature or ageing skin concerns. This targeted serum helps increase skin support and provides much-needed antioxidant protection. Start using once a day for the first week and then use morning and night. 

Biologi Product for Every Skin Type - My Hair Care & Beauty

Exfoliate the Biologi way.

For a smooth and polished complexion, exfoliate 1 – 2 times weekly with the Bx Reveal Exfoliant. This active powder formulation of Kakadu Plum and Rice Powders exfoliates without abrasion using a triple action formula that works by mixing it with the Biologi Bc Refresh Cleanser for ultimate results on the skin. Use one sachet with 2-3 pumps of the Bc Refresh Cleanser and mix until combined. Apply to the skin and gently work over the face for 1-2 minutes, then remove. Pat dry skin and apply your chosen Biologi serum. After exfoliation, we love the Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum for a bright skin glow.

Our Tips

  • Don’t use a moisturiser over the top of any Biologi Serum – there’s no need, as every serum contains a plethora of skin-loving phyto-actives and nutrients. 
  • If you want a more simplified regime, you can use one serum both morning and evening; remember to start slowly and introduce 1 x a day for the first week and then from the second week morning and night.
  • Always apply your serum to clean dry skin so the serums are not diluted upon application.
  • We recommend an SPF after your daytime application of Biologi serum – wait a few minutes for your serum to absorb before applying.

Check out Biologi to learn more about or shop your favourite Biologi product. You can also follow us for more skincare tips.

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