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Ghd Duet 2-in-1 Styler Review

ghd duet styler
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What Is The Ghd Duet Styler

The new Ghd Duet Styler is the first of its kind and has been in the making for 9 years. It allows you to dry and straighten your locks all in one step, eliminating the need for a separate hairdryer and straightening iron.
This 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler utilizes Air-Fusion Technology that quickly dries your hair without sizzling or causing a burning smell. It simultaneously uses 4 smart, low-temperature styling plates to create a smooth, frizz-free finish at the same time.
It’s Shine Shot feature can be used when the hair is dry to further smooth and polish your tresses and to add curls or waves.

How Does It Work

When you first switch it on, the ultra-concentrated airflow through Air-fusion™ technology channels will be activated. The 4 smart low temperature styling plates will also heat up to a very low temperature. You can then begin gliding the tool through thin sections of hair until completely dry. If you want to lock in your style for longer or tame any frizz, you can then switch on the Shine Shot mode. This uses four advanced floating plates equipped with infinity sensors to predict your hair’s needs. It allows you to straighten, curl or wave your hair – just like you’re using a normal straightening iron.

How Do I Use The Ghd Duet Styler

1. Ensure hair is thoroughly towel dried. Apply a few pumps of the Ghd Sleek Talker Wet-to-Sleek Styling Oil.

2. Slide the power button upwards to turn the styler on. It will take a moment for the fans to activate, but once it beeps and the light stops flashing, it is ready to use.

ghd Duet Styler

3. Work with thin sections. Hold the Styler at the roots for 3 seconds before slowly gliding the Styler downward like you’re using a regular straightening iron. Repeat this process on each section until all your hair is completely dry.

4. When the hair it 100% dry, you have the option of activating the Shine Shot. Press the Shine Shot button for 4 seconds until it beeps. The fans will be turned off and the styler will then increase its temperature to 185ºC. It will beep and stop flashing when it has reached the optimal heat.

ghd Duet Styler

5. You can now use the Styler to add even more smoothness and shine to the hair. Alternatively you can use it to add some curls or waves instead.

Will It Damage My Hair?

According to Education Manager for Ghd ANZ, Hayley Pullyn, the styler will style your hair from wet to dry with “no thermal hair damage detected after 4 passes in wet to style mode vs naturally dried hair”.
It is recommended you use the Ghd Sleek Talker to protect your hair if using the Shine Shot function.

My Verdict

Overall, the Ghd Duet Styler was easy to use and drastically sped up my styling time. Drying, straightening and then curling my hair normally takes over an hour, but with the 2-in-1 Styler, the time was reduced to about 30 minutes. It dried my hair quite fast and didn’t make my hair sizzle or smell like it was burning. The plates were smooth and didn’t grab or pull my hair either.

Mel is a former Hair Stylist with over a decade of industry experience. She enjoys writing about all aspects of the hair & beauty world including, trends, new products & best-sellers.

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