GHD Glide Heated Hair Brush: Game Changer Alert!

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Gliding into better hair days… that is the promise of the new GHD Glide!

GHD Glide

The GHD Glide is the most talked about hot brush from GHD – the world’s leading hair styling brand. This new product claims to single-handedly transform your at-home hair styling game. This was made possible when the original hair straightener was first launched into the market. Since then, GHD has introduced a wide range of innovative products in its effort to facilitate in the evolution of hair styling tools, as well as take advantage of new technology available to the hair styling industry.

For this reason, the new GHD Glide is a much-hyped product. Is it a truly buzz-worthy product or is it all hype?

About GHD Glide

GHD Glide

The GHD Glide hot hair brush is a revolutionary tool that is designed to simplify your styling routine in the morning. This innovative product is powered by advanced technology that lets you enjoy extra time in bed. Known as the first professional hot hair brush, it promises to tame and smooth hair while drying it at the same time.

Its ceramic technology is also suited for second day hair styling.

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Product Features

GHD Glide

The following are the most notable features offered by the new GHD Glide:

  • Ceramic technology and ioniser for taming hair and eliminating frizz
  • High density shorter and longer bristles for larger sections of hair to be styled
  • Optimum stying temperature of 185ºC for guaranteed gorgeous, healthy looking hair
  • Automatic sleep mode for extra peace of mind
  • Professional length 2.7m cable
  • 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Cut Your Styling Time in Half

    GHD Glide

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you can spend more time in bed in the morning? We heard you! That is why we’re bringing the new GHD Glide to you, so you can get your extra time in bed without compromising on your hairstyle.

    The new GHD Glide is a total game changer. This heated hairbrush is going to be your new go-to weapon of choice for those busy mornings that require you to get out of the door fast! This heated airbrush has a heating capacity within 90 seconds! The sooner the tool heats up, the sooner you can get into optimum styling mode, too!

    The GHD Glide heated hair brush is also lightweight – in fact, it weighs pretty much the same as most hair straighteners in the market. It is capable of heating up to 185 Celsius, which is the ideal styling temperature. The use of ceramic technology and anti-static ioniser guarantees that you can restore balance in your hair strands. As a result, you can get healthier hair, better style, and less frizz!

    GHD Glide

    As mentioned above, the GHD Glide features a combination of long and short bristles. This allows you to style the longer sections of your hair with ease without compromising on keeping your hair in shape. Hairstylists to the stars are all rave about the GHD Glide – and for valid reasons! It is the secret tool for at-home styling that looks like it was professionally done at the salon!

    Make ghd glide part of your routine and become a Queen of the Sheets!

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