GHD Helios: Queen of the Blowdry

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GHD is a brand that is synonymous to hair styling innovation. The brand achieves this by constantly introducing new hair styling ranges and tools that deliver the most advanced technology for hair styling. Case in point: the GHD Helios. Meet the queen of the blowdry as the latest from GHD brings the lightest and fastest professional hair dryer collection you’ve ever seen.

GHD Helios: Queen of the Blowdry

About the GHD Helios Collection

The GHD Helios collection is the latest offering from GHD. This collection is all about giving you the ultimate styling control. It comes in four distinct colours so you can blowdry your hair in style. Choose from white, plum, ink blue, and black. Get the royal treatment you deserve and make your blowdrying easier and more efficient.

The ionic technology used in the Helios range is developed by the UK research and development lab in Cambridge for GHD. They have developed the most advanced technology for blowdrying that is not only fast but can eliminate frizz and flyaways. As a result, you can expect 30% more shine. This also ensures faster drying because every piece from the GHD Helios collection is powered by 1875 watt motor.

Top Features

GHD is all about the details and the features that deliver the functionality and styling you expect. Whether you value efficiency, quality, or speed, you can expect nothing less with the GHD Helios range. Discover the different features that you should expect from this all-new blowdrying range.

Unique Design

The Helios range from GHD is designed for ultimate styling control and speed. This is the most prominent feature from the range, which is made possible by the innovative hair drying technology known as Aeroprecis.

This unique design combines internal aerodynamic design with a contoured nozzle giving your strands a more concentrated temperature matched with equal airflow distribution. All of these factors combine to bringing you the best blow dry yet!

Cool Shot Button

In addition to the unique design, another notable feature of the GHD Helios range is the cool shot button. This is where most of your styling control comes from. You can enjoy optimal temperature control with variable power settings. The cool shot button gives your strands a quick blast of air that locks in place.

Patented Aeroprecis Technology

The use of 1875 watt motor is at the heart of this new collection. The patented Aeroprecis Technology delivers intuitive styling so you can get smooth and precise styling that looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

Ergonomic Design

GHD is never one to compromise ergonomics in place of unique design approach. Every piece from the collection is designed in such a way that the weight is evenly distributed. This ensures easy handling and effortless styling – which explains why stylists love it!

Create Voluminous Hairstyles

Be the Queen of blowdry! GHD is all about celebrating the Queens and letting you embrace your inner Queen. It’s possible with the advanced features and patented technology available to the GHD Helios collection.

Below are some of the hairstyles you can create with the Helios range.

Which of these hairstyles are you keen to create with the GHD Helios?

Are you ready to become the queen of the blowdry? Grab your hands on the GHD Helios collection today and see the difference for yourself! Find your other GHD faves here or follow us on Instagram for the latest from the brand!

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