The GHD Ink on Pink Collection Has Arrived!

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Meet GHD’s new Ink on Pink collection. GHD stays committed to its cause of supporting breast cancer research. And it promises to bring the most artistic design yet…

The GHD Ink on Pink Collection Has Arrived!

The GHD Ink on Pink collection is a celebration of over 15 years of support to breast cancer charities worldwide. Since GHD has supported this cause, the brand has been able to raise over $18 million worldwide in the hopes of supporting women’s health and breast cancer survivors. But GHD isn’t done yet. With this brand new collection, they aim to raise $1 million more and there’ll be more reasons to join in the cause with the stylish new editions from the GHD Ink on Pink collection.

About the GHD Ink on Pink Collection

The 2019 limited edition GHD Ink on Pink stylers, they have partnered with
Chicago-based mastectomy tattoo artist, David Allen. The goal for Allen in collaborating with GHD is to develop self-esteem and self-empowerment among those who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer (as well as the survivors).

The GHD Platinum+ Styler and GHD Gold Styler are designed with an abstract floral artwork against a dusted pink hue as its canvass. The combination of the floral artwork and the colour choice is both feminine and strong – evoking the very essence of the cause it aims to support.

GHD Ink on Pink Collection: Platinum+ Styler

GHD ink on pink collection: Platinum+ styler

The GHD Platinum Plus Ink on Pink styler has finally arrived!

The best styler yet has been upgraded once more to bring this limited edition style, featuring the work of tattoo artist, David Allen. In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer, your favourite GHD Platinum Plus has been updated with a new look…but with the same great technology you loved about it.

It features the breakthrough ultra-zone predictive technology that was introduced by GHD Platinum+ – the world’s first smart styler. It works by recognising the quality and type of strands you have and automatically adjusting the heat to the right setting. It is also manufactured with a
unique wishbone hinge to ensure proper alignment of each plates. With the combination of these features, you can expect 20% more efficient styling and shine without damage to your strands!

GHD Ink on Pink Collection: GHD Gold

GHD Ink on Pink Collection

The GHD Gold Ink on Pink Styler is another one of the limited edition designs available from this collection.

It features the same intricate design as the one featured in the Platinum+ Styler, which was created by Chicago-based tattoo artist David Allen. You can also expect the same styling goodness that made GHD Gold one of the top-selling stylers from the brand. It boasts of the dual-zone technology that enables optimum styling temperature setting at 185-degrees Celsius.

The GHD Gold also features smooth and contoured plates that glides through the hair with ease. Hence, you can expect less snag and better styling results. Proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier looking hair, this style is the ideal choice for everyday styling and creating a myriad of looks.

Support GHD Ink on Pink Collection

The GHD Ink on Pink Collection Has Arrived!

Help us help women all over the world regain their confidence that cancer has taken away with the new collectionghd ink on pink.

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