Hair Myth: Don’t Brush Curly Hair!

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When it comes to caring for your hair, you need to take your hair type into account. Each hair type requires a different approach because the features of the hair is different and respond to various hair products and hair care efforts differently. For women with curly hair, there are so many myths surrounding the right hair care approach. One of the most common myths that you have heard about curly hair care relates to brushing. According to myths, you should never brush curly hair. Is this pure myth or is there some truth behind this myth? To give the best care for your hair, let’s investigate…

According to experts, the best time to care for your curly hair is while it is still wet. Brushing is not a no-no altogether; it is all about finding the right tools or type of brush! Instead of a brush, use a wide tooth comb instead. While still in the shower, you must start to sort out your hair using a wide tooth comb. If possible, apply conditioner on your curly hair first prior to brushing. This will make brushing gentler on your locks because you would want to avoid pulling at or ripping your curls in the process.

when you are done brushing or combing your hair, you can rinse it off and dry as normal. For women with very curly hair, you should use a conditioning spray on your hair while brushing or combing to make each stroke as gentle as possible.

When your curly hair is dry, this is when brushing must be avoided at all cost. If you do, you will only invite frizz and it will break the natural curl of the hair strands. Also, resist the urge to constantly touch and twirl your curly hair strands as it, too, can cause frizziness.

Do you brush your curly hair?

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