How to Tone Blonde Hair

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They say blondes have more fun. But do they, really? Experts say that blonde hair is the hardest to maintain, so we put together this guide on how to tone blonde hair in-between salon visits.

Brassy Hues and Blonde Hair

How to Tone Blonde Hair

Whether you have naturally blonde hair or chose to dye your hair blonde, it is difficult to maintain that gorgeous hue once you step out of the salon. No matter how cool toned your original shade was, the brassy hues just keep on coming!

Whether you spent too much time out in the sun or you used the wrong shampoo, you only have so much to blame. Regardless of the reason why your blonde hair has turned brassy, you must learn how to deal with it! It can be tempting to just book an appointment with your hairstylist, especially if budget isn’t an issue. But you are lucky as there is a wide range of blonde-toning products you can use these days to keep those locks looking toned and gorgeous as if you just stepped out of a salon visit.

How to Tone Blonde Hair

How to Tone Blonde Hair

There are different types of toning products that are available in the market. The products to tone blonde hair are available in different types and varieties. There are permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary rinse types.

Choosing which toner to use on your blonde hair will be based on how long you want the toning effect to last. A temporary rinse toner for your blonde hair can typically last up to 3 washes.

Purple shampoo is another great product to use to tone blonde hair at home. If you have blonde hair or have dyed your hair blonde, a purple shampoo and conditioner must be part of your daily hair care routine. A blonde shampoo should have a deep dark purple hue to it. The blue pigment on the hair product is designed to counteract the brassy hues on your hair. It is also designed to give you lasting toning power, especially with regular use.

The use of toners and purple shampoo should be part of your blonde hair care regimen. To tone blonde hair and maintain the vitality of the colour, you should never be without one of these.

Best Products to Tone Blonde Hair

These are the best products we recommend to tone blonde hair at home.

Do you suffer from brassy blonde hair? Take note of the product recommendations above and the tips on how to use them to make your blonde last! Check us out on Twitter for more tips to add to your hair care routine.

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