Philip Kingsley: The Science of Hair and Scalp

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Philip Kingsley: The Science of Hair and Scalp - My Hair Care & Beauty

Healthy hair can be life-changing. Hair is an integral part of your overall look and confidence. It isn’t called your “crowning glory” for nothing; healthy and beautiful hair can boost your self-esteem. Consequently, hair that isn’t healthy or damaged-looking can also damage your self-esteem. This is where the science and wellness-led hair care of Philip Kingsley come in. As it joins our suite of brands at My Hair Care & Beauty, get to know more about their award-winning hair care products.

The Story Behind Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley is known as the true visionary of hair care. Before his death in 2016, he became known as the king of hair care. Throughout his 65-year career in the hair care industry, he has helped thousands of clients including actors, celebrities, models, athletes, TV personalities, and so on, look their best. And it starts with making their hair look the best that it could possibly be.

Philip Kingsley: The Science of Hair and Scalp - My Hair Care & Beauty

Philip Kingsley started his career in hair care at the young age of 16. During this time, he served as an assistant at a hairdressing salon in London. He saved up money to enroll himself at the Institute of Trichologists.

At such a young age, he understand the important role that hair and scalp played in boosting the self-esteem of both men and women. That’s why he devoted his career to addressing hair and scalp issues to help people achieve their best hair. This fueled his passion to learn more about hair health, which led him to formulate the first-ever pre-shampoo conditioner.

His continued quest for learning enabled him to understand the link between science and beauty. As a result of this commitment to his craft, Philip Kingsley has received multiple awards and accolades throughout the span of his career. He was recognised by no less than the New York Times and Vogue. Even when he is gone, he passed on this passion to his daughter. Now serving as the new brand President, she hopes to follow in his dad’s footsteps and continue what he started in the hair industry while building a new generation of hair care.

Trichology 101

Philip Kingsley: The Science of Hair and Scalp - My Hair Care & Beauty

The distinctive quality of the hair care products from Philip Kingsley is based on the concept of trichology. This is the science of hair and scalp. Think of a trichologist as a dermatologist for your skin. Philip Kingsley was a trichologist and he used his knowledge to create unique formulations that not only nourish your hair but also your scalp. He understood very well that without a healthy scalp, you won’t have healthy hair.

The range of professional hair care products from the brand, therefore, provides nourishment and cure for all types of hair and scalp concerns. Poor scalp conditions can result in a wide range of issues such as hair breakage, limp hair, and unmanageable hair.

According to Anabel Kingsley, “Every product we formulate has the same care put into it as if we were making it, especially for a loved one.

Trichology and using it as the basis of their formula for their hair care products are all about promoting wellness for your hair and scalp. At the same time, their focus is on long-lasting results. The brand does not promise overnight results. Just as it took years for your hair and scalp damage to accrue, it also takes time to reverse the process and restore the health of your scalp first, and then your hair.

The Brand Ethos

Philip Kingsley: The Science of Hair and Scalp - My Hair Care & Beauty

Philip Kingsley takes great pride in every formula they deliver into the market. They call it “excellence in every bottle“. And there are simply no shortcuts to it – like the process of reversing scalp and hair damage.

The holistic and hands-on approach of the Philip Kingsley brand is all about improving the long-term health and strength of your hair. At the same time, the brand believes in ethics. It is made up of a team of professionals and hair experts who are honest and transparent. There are no superfluous claims. They let the results speak for themselves.

They do offer expert advice in diagnosing your hair issues and concerns. This will enable the trichologists to match the right product to your hair and scalp concerns, giving you the assurance of real results.

Philip Kingsley understands that your hair is more than just about your personal style; it is part of who you are. As the leaders in hair and scalp, backed up by over 60 years of experience in the industry, you are guaranteed to find the best hair treatments for your hair and scalp.

Take a look at some of the brand’s products that we currently have on stock to help you get started on your journey to a healthier hair and scalp.

Want to try Philip Kingsley products? Be sure to check out the brand here!

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