Why Use Purple Shampoo on Blonde Hair?

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Getting the right blonde shade is one thing; maintaining it is another. It can be a real challenge for women with blonde hair to keep that blonde as fresh as when they left the salon. Your hairstylist can only do so much; you must find the right purple shampoo to keep the blonde tones vibrant and not brassy. You might have heard about the concept of purple shampoo before but have been left wondering what it does and why it is the perfect product for your blonde hair.

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The rule is simple: use purple shampoo to keep your blonde hair vibrant and brass-free. This is recommended in-between your hair colouring session to maintain your desired hair colour.

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Purple Shampoo 101

Purple shampoo is essentially any shampoo that is made up of purple pigments. The use of purple helps keep unwanted undertones at bay, such as brassy undertones (the most common problem for blonde-haired women). It acts like a home toner to fight brassiness. If you examine the colour wheel, purple is located directly across yellow. It explains why purple is ideal for toning down the brassy tones that might appear on your blonde hair.

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But why use purple shampoo? The answer lies in lightening your hair to achieve that blonde shade. A colour treatment known as toner is used on the hair to help to accomplish that richer blonde colour. It also helps to eliminate any unwanted tones to the hair colour, such as yellow or reddish tones. Once you leave the salon, though, the effect of that toner on your hair vanishes after a certain period. Your goal is, therefore, to mimic the development of the toner that your hairstylist applied to your hair at home. This is when you need purple shampoo for blonde hair!

Aside from the natural fading of the toning treatment, other factors can also play a role. The sun or hard water and heat styling can cause unwanted undertones. Thus, purple shampoo is highly recommended for women with blonde hair. Even natural blondes will need purple shampoo to keep the vibrancy of the blonde tones on their hair.

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Best Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

To help make your search for the best purple shampoo for blonde hair, we have compiled a list of options that we recommend. These products will help you preserve that vibrant blonde hue for as long as possible while also fighting any brassiness or unwanted tones:

Tips for Using Purple Shampoo

Now that you know what purple shampoo can do for your hair, the next question begs: How often do you use it? Experts advise that you should not use too much of it. Ideally, it would be best if you used it once or twice a week only. You can switch it up with your regular cleansing shampoo. Incorporating too much purple pigment into your hair can also make your blonde hair look darker, which isn’t what you want.

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Another idea would be to mix half of the purple shampoo with half your regular shampoo when washing your hair. This will add a hint of purple pigments to the formula without necessarily going overboard with its use. You can also invest in a blonde hair care system such as the Redken Blondage, formulated with a Triple Acid Protein complex to strengthen, brighten, and tone your blonde hair! You can use both the Redken Blondage Shampoo and Redken Blondage Conditioner as a system for maximum results.

Say no to brass and yes to strong and bright hair with this range!

Have you used purple shampoo for blonde hair before? If not, ensure you get on it to make that gorgeous blonde hair last in between your salon visit. Follow our blog for more hair care tips and hair inspiration!

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