Redken Blondage Color Depositing vs High Bright

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Blondes know that maintaining vibrant, beautiful hair color can be a challenge. From battling brassiness to keeping locks bright and nourished, finding the right haircare products is crucial. In the realm of blonde haircare, Redken offers two powerful ranges: the Color Extend Blondage Depositing Purple Range and the Color Extend High Bright Range. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of these Redken Hair Products to help you make an informed decision for your blonde hair needs.

Blondage Depositing Purple Range

The Color Extend Blondage Depositing Purple Range from Redken is designed to strengthen hair while combating brassiness using violet-depositing pigments. Redken designed this range to be used on darker yellow/orange reflects. The Triple Amino Acid Protein complex nourishes and strengthens hair, while hydrolyzed wheat protein adds enhanced shine. This powerhouse blonde toner shampoo keeps warm undertones at bay, ensuring your hair stays brilliant. This range consists of the Blondage Purple Shampoo, Purple Conditioner, and Blondage Express Anti-Brass Mask.

Blondage High Bright Range

The High Bright Range is Redken’s answer to blondes who experience a loss of lightness and brightness between salon visits. The system effectively removes buildup and impurities from the hair. This results in the brightening of dulled, darkened, or matte-looking blonde hair caused by dulling agents and pollution. It is particularly good for silver or grey hair. With its ability to seal cuticles and fill hair porosity, the High Bright Shampoo restores a bright, silky, and soft appearance to your locks. This range includes the High Bright Shampoo and the High Bright Pre-Shampoo Treatment.

Redken Blondage Conclusion

In summary, both the Redken Color Extend Blondage Depositing Purple Range and the Color Extend High Bright Range offer specialized care for blondes. Firstly, the Blondage Depositing range focuses on combating brassiness with violet-depositing pigments. Comparatively, the High Bright range aims to restore lightness and brightness to dulled blonde hair. Ultimately, your choice depends on your specific needs and desired results. Overall, whether you want to maintain a beautiful blonde hue or revive your hair’s radiance, Redken has you covered with these two remarkable ranges. Embrace the power of science and nourish your blonde locks for a vibrant and head-turning look.

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