Styling 101: Guide to Using MUK Curl Stick

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muk curl stick

The MUK Curl Stick is one of the best-selling styling tools on the website. Not only is it one of our best-selling styling tools, but it is also one of the top-rated curling tools in the market. New tools have come and gone, yet it has been one of the old reliable for those wanting to achieve a variety of curling styles for their hair.

About the MUK Curl Stick

The MUK Curl Stick is a clip-free conical titanium barrel curling stick. It is designed to create curls and waves. You can choose from 4 different barrels to achieve different rings (which you will learn more about later). Aside from the interchangeable barrels, this styling tool has many other features worth your attention.

muk curl stick

The curl stick base control unit offers three different temperature settings. This will enable you to adjust the heat when styling according to your hair type – whether you have thick or thin hair. The temperature settings are as follows: 130-degree, 170-degree, and 210-degree Celsius. The Muk Curl stick includes a heat-protective glove for safe handling.

The styling barrels are made from titanium and feature rapid ion technology. This technology enables the barrels to heat up quickly. Thus, you won’t have to curl your hair in the barrel for a long time, as you can achieve the curls you desire in less time. In the long run, this will mean less damage to your hair!

4 Different Barrels for 4 Different Curls

The styling power of the MUK Curl Stick is hinged on the three barrels. You can learn more about what curling styles you can achieve with each barrel below:

  • 19-25mm Conical Barrel
  • 25-25mm Straight Barrel
  • 28-22mm Wedge Barrel
  • 38-27mm Oval Barrel

As you can see, all you have to do is switch the barrel you use for styling. This will enable you to create three different hairstyles with just one tool. It’s no surprise why it is loved by those who have tried it!

Have you tried using the MUK Curl Stick? What was your overall experience with this styling tool?

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