Why Choose Vegan Mascara from Inika Cosmetics

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Why Choose Vegan Mascara from Inika Cosmetics

Vegan mascara is better than ever! A few years ago, the concept of vegan beauty products is still foreign to most women. Fortunately, that tide has changed in the past few years as there are more options available when it comes to vegan beauty. Inika Cosmetics is one of those brands that have delivered on the promise to offer cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics.

Why Choose Vegan Mascara?

The cruelty-free and vegan movement first started out in the fashion industry. There was a call from the proponents to boycott bags, clothing, and other fashion products that used animal products or conducted animal testing. It was only a matter of time until it boiled over the beauty and cosmetics industry, too.

Why Choose Vegan Mascara from Inika Cosmetics

Fast forward to today, vegan cosmetics are on the rise. In fact, products like vegan mascara and lipsticks are the preferred choice for many. The advantage is clear: vegan mascara is safe on the skin. It is very important to choose your mascara carefully because you don’t want harmful ingredients to get to your eyes. Plus, the skin around the eyes are ultra-sensitive. By choosing vegan products, you can protect it from irritation.

Aside from protecting your skin and eyes from potentially harmful chemicals, another distinct advantage of vegan mascara is that it is kind to the environment. It uses active ingredients that cause no harm to the environment. Most vegan beauty products are also made with eco-conscious or recycled packaging.

Inika Certified Organic and Vegan Mascaras

Why Choose Vegan Mascara from Inika Cosmetics

Inika Cosmetics offers a wide range of eye makeup products for those with sensitive eyes. If you are looking for a cruelty-free or vegan mascara, then the brand is your best bet.

Since the brand started out in Sydney in 2006, they have become synonymous to clean beauty that is free from toxic chemicals. It prides itself in delivering organic and natural products with no harsh chemicals – only the good stuff that will nourish your skin from the inside and out.

Bold Lash from Inika Cosmetics

The vegan mineral mascaras are one of the brand’s most sought-after cosmetic products. These mascaras are 100% natural, safe, and ethical so you are confident when buying and using them. Inika’s range of mascaras are available in three variants: Bold Lash, Long Lash in Black, and Long Lash in Brown.

The Inika Cosmetics Bold Lash Mascara is designed to dramatically amplify your lashes. It features a deeply pigmented formula that glides smoothly and coats every lash to perfection. As a result, you can get lashes that appear thicker-than-ever and dramatic in a single swipe.

Mascara from Inika Cosmetics

The Inika Cosmetics Long Lash in Black or Brown is the recommended choice for those looking for long & luscious lashes. While it is soft and gentle to the eyes, it has an intense effect on your lashes. It is made with pure mineral enriched formula that is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. It is also equipped with the “double-Z” brush that boasts of a revolutionary dual-function design, giving you the solution you’ve been looking for in natural mascara – thicker and fatter looking lashes. Therefore, it offers lengthening and volumising effect.

Inika Cosmetics is the only 100% authentic, natural beauty brand. It was built on the ethos of bringing clean beauty that does not compromise result or performance. Just pure, natural, and flawless beauty. Try the brand and see for yourself.

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