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ghd (Good Hair Day) is not only the name behind Australia and the world's number one selling hair straightener product, the ceramic ghd Hair Straightener, but ghd Australia also lends its name to a range of luxurious hair products in Australia that encompass a unique four-step process: Cleanse and Nourish, Protect, Style and Finish. So come on Australia, try GHD today! The Thermodynamics range, specially formulated to support heat styled hair, begins with the Cleanse and Nourish step, which includes rejuvenation creams, treatments, masks, shampoos and conditioners. This is followed by the Protect step, designed to strengthen and nourish hair using Thermal protectors. These defend hair against heat damage with an invisible armour – perfect for use with a ghd straightener. The Style step uses heat-activated styling sprays, balms, lotions and mousses to create exquisite looks on the now healthy protected hair. The final Finish step uses sprays, waxes and serums to manage long-lasting hold, texture and gloss. Using the four-step product range combined with the ghd hair straightener you will be able to confidently create beautiful, healthy, straight frizz-free hair. You can even create luscious curls. The world-renowned ghd hair straightener comes in three sizes - the mini, IV styler and the wide salon styler. No stylist, home or salon, should be without a ghd straightener. All ghd Stylers are from Australia and come with a 2 year warranty valid in Australia. ghd Irons Create style your way with ghd . ghd irons from My Haircare give you the innovative design that you have come to love and trust in a full range of products that are affordable and easy to use. ghd Protect The Protect range from ghd are the perfect partners for use with your ghd stylers, and will provide you with a wide range of product ideas for protecting and styling your hair to achieve flawless results that you will be proud of every time. ghd Style The ghd style range is the perfect range of products for getting your look right the first time. Look fantastic without the effort with these stylers that are designed for holding your hair in place while provided a finish that does not look artificial. The revolutionary ceramic styler from ghd has a following that borders on being cult-like. Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Madonna are all big fans of these stylers that are beloved for their advanced heating mechanism that provides a static-free sheen. For elegantly sleek and smooth styles, ghd is a byword to remember. Nonetheless, there is much more to ghd than just straighteners. Your irons can be used to create curls, twists, flicks, waves, volume, and movement. Woman or man, short or long, fine or thick, or even Caribbean or African, there is a ghd styler that is right for your particular hair. The unique digital technology of the ghd styler means that the temperature is controlled automatically. This makes your style easily achieved quickly, whether you are looking to dazzle or be daring or even demure. Getting the look that you want is easy with ghd . When it comes to hair straightening, ghd has essentially taken over. Since their birth over ten years ago, ghd has remained true to the ethos upon which it was founded. ghd is still a firm believer in the transformative spirit. These irons are a must-have for men and women who seek sleek, smooth, lush hair. You can get your hair poker straight with stylers from ghd or you can flick, wave, and curl your hair into other desired styles; ghd is just that versatile. The ghd website has many tutorials on using their products, and that, along with your own creative spirit, means that you will never face a shortage of looks. Safety is important to ghd , so remember: your ghd styler is an electrical appliance that has plates that are capable of achieving very high temperatures, sometimes in excess of 180 degrees Celsius. We caution you to be sensible and safe. Don't ever use your ghd styler in the bathroom, or near water, or over a washbowl. Do not touch the plates when the styler is hot. ghd stylers are not for use by those individuals or children who have reduced mental, sensory, or physical capabilities, or who have a lack of knowledge or experience in using appliances of this type. Spray products and styling aids should be used away from this flat iron. Do not spray products directly onto the styler or its plates. Inspect the styler prior to using it. If the plug, power cord, or the styler itself is damaged, you should not use the styler. Protecting and Caring for Your Styler Your ghd styler will no doubt become a cherished and important part of your styling routine. This styler is a state-of-the-art, robust product that you will love and cherish for years to come. If you care for it properly, it will reward you with devoted and lengthy service. To make sure it lasts for a long time, you should: - Switch the styler off after using it. Unplug it when you are finished using it. - The hot plates should never touch textiles, heat-sensitive surfaces, or plastic materials. - Be careful to never allow the supply cord to come into contact with the hot plates. The plates could melt the cord and cause fire or electrocution. - Never leave the hot styler unsupervised or unattended. - Before storing, allow the plates to cool. - Once the styler has cooled, fold the cord just like it was when you first removed it from its packaging. - Do not wind the cord around the styler's body, as it can damage the cord and other components over time. - Lay the styler on a heat-resistant flat surface when it is not in use. - Do not hang the styler by its cord. This can cause damage.

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