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Moroccanoil is a powerful and succulent formula that will leave your hair feeling healthy and refreshed, fighting off the effects of the environment, perms, and colouring that can leave your hair feeling less than its best. Moroccanoil is a one-of-a-kind non-greasy and ultra light formulation is perfect for all hair types and can work to restore and reverse damage to your tresses, leaving behind soft, touchable hair that shines with a brilliant glossy finish. Boasting the ability to restore condition to over processed hair caused by colour procedures, perms and environmental aggressors, Moroccanoil has developed a unique ultra light, non-greasy hair cosmetic formula that helps create a silky shine, for all hair types. For hair that feels refreshed and healthy, you can't go wrong with this Morroccanoil range. It is comprised of a succulently powerful formula that will fight off the detrimental effects of colouring, perms, and the environment. It is not greasy. It is ultra light and perfect for every hair type. It will reverse the damage that you have inflicted on your tresses, leaving your hair feeling soft, touchable, and ready for whatever is ahead in your day. Overprocessed hair can be restored with Moroccanoil. This non-greasy, unique formula is perfect for making all hair types shine.

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