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Parlux has propelled itself into the number one hair dryer brand in Australia. Parlux has developed two new models: Parlux 3200 and Parlux 3500 Ceramic and Iron, which of course do not disappoint. Parlux guarantees their products against defects and will repair or replace free of charge any item that is defective. Parlux has a network of Authorized Service Centers. Parlux Parlux manufactures styling equipment that is ideal for use in the salon, but that is just as well at home in your bathroom, too. Parlux hairdryers feature compact designs that are lightweight and that encompass the most advanced technology. Since it is one of the most widely sought after hairdryers on today's market, you can take confidence in purchasing a Parlux dryer, and you can be assured that you will be getting salon results – whether you use it in the salon or use it at home. The quality, ease of use, and unparalleled power are everything that you have come to expect in a professional styling brand. Our best selling products are the Parlux 3800 and the Parlux 3500. If you are spoiled for choices, then these are two to consider. With Parlux hairdryers you get equipment that is backed up by a solid reputation within the industry; a reputation of being the best hairdryer on the market. Parlux prides itself on its Italian construction, and it is often said that the world's best hairdryers are made there. Parlux is a fast favorite among users, and is found in the world's leading salons. Hairdressers love Parlux, and appreciate the design and construction that is intended to be used daily without problems. Parlux is heartily reknowned for providing users with years and years of dependable service, both at home and in a professional setting. And despite its impressive reputation and salon quality, these hairdryers are available to users on nearly any budget, and are quite easy to use. Many people are fans of the Parlux 2800 hairdryer, which is a professional dryer that has an 1800-watt motor, four heat settings, and two speed settings. This can help you get the style that you yearn for. It comes with dual nozzles that make styling even easier. The Parlux 2800 is ergonomically designed and comes with a three-meter cable to make drying your hair a versatile and comfortable experience. The controls on the Parlux 3000 are right at your fingertips, making it easy to hold. It is also equipped with an ergonomically smart handle. The design of this dryer lends it a long life, including a quality motor and high-impact casing that can withstand drops. The groundbreaking K-Lamination motor is a feature of the Parlux 3200 hairdryer. This helps the dryer to be more power, extra durable, and super light. It is designed with comfort in mind and offers fast drying speeds that put styling power in the palm of your hair. This salon-quality hairdryer may very well become the best dryer you have ever used, bar none. If you are looking for ionic technology, then the Parlux 3200 ceramic ionic hairdryer is a top choice. It helps to reduce frizz while speeding up drying time. It has two speed settings, four heat settings, and a 1900-watt motor, giving you the control that you need and that Parlux is reknowned for so that you can spend less time drying your locks. For super compact styling, the Parlux 3500 is tops. This dryer weighs just 490 grams and is 17 centimeters long. It is the lightest Parlux model available. But don't let its lightweight fool you. It is completely capable of providing you with the styling that you need to excel. It is fitted with a K-Lamination motor that puts out a powerful 2000 watts. It has the features and power that you have come to expect from the salon in a compact, time-saving format. Understanding how Parlux hairdryers stand out from the rest is simple. Parlux is a well-respected brand in leading salons around the world and now customers who have experienced this salon quality can bring the magi home, on any budget. If you are tired of spending a long time drying our hair or if your hairdryer is not standing up to your styling needs, it may be time to consider bringing salon quality into your home with a Parux dryer.

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