4 Reasons to Switch to a Layered Haircut

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Are you looking to get a new haircut? Do you want to change up your look while still going for a low maintenance hairstyle? You need to consider getting a layered haircut. This particular hairstyle has been around for ages and it is going nowhere anytime soon. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons why choosing this kind of hairstyle is smart.

If you are still not convinced that a layered haircut is a good choice, here are four reasons that will undoubtedly make you re-consider:

Reason #1: It is the basis for a structured hairstyle.

Portrait of beautiful smiling young womanStructured do’s are one of the hottest hairstyles over the last year and expert hairstylists predict that it will continue to be popular this year. Hence, opting for a layered haircut makes it easier to transition into structured hairstyles. You can therefore make it easier to make that transition from one cut to another, especially if you had been intending to go for a structured ‘do.

Reason #2: It gives a youthful vibe to your look.

Aside from being a basis for structured hairstyles, layered cuts also make it easy to transition to casual hairstyles. It softens the facial feature. In addition, it frames the face in a subtle manner. If you are looking for a sassy look that makes you a few years younger, this is the cut for you.

Reason #3: It is flexible enough to work for short or long hair.

Another reason why a lot of women prefer the layered haircut is due to its versatility. It works for both short and long hair. Hence, there is no need to cut your hair if you wanted to layer it. At the same time, you can add several elements to make it more fun such as fringes or streaks. You can also go for a classic or modern style, whichever you want.

Reason #4: It is easy to style and low maintenance.

The layered haircut is one of the best choices for women looking for a low maintenance look, especially if you have short layered cut. It requires no extra styling effort. If you want a sleek look, simply apply a styling gel with your hands and run it through the hair. But if you have long layered cut, you can opt for undone curls or voluminous curls to make it more lively and sassy.

There are a few reminders you need to keep in mind before getting a layered haircut. First off, this cut is recommended only for women with naturally thick hair. The layering reduces a bulk of your hair as the structure makes it appear thinner.

Have you tried a layered haircut? If yes, did you like it?

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