Ask the Expert: Should You Cut Thinning Ends?

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Dealing with dry ends is always a puzzle for a lot of women. When you see those thin and dry ends, you get the urge to just trim them off so you can get rid of the problem once and for all. Leaving those ends on will detract the overall look of the hair. Even when you are trying to grow out your hair, it might be smarter to nip those ends because they are still vulnerable to breakage. If you are still undecided on whether or not you should cut your thin ends, here are some good reasons that will convince you to:


• If you have thin and uneven ends, your hair will not be as responsive to combing, brushing or basic styling actions on your hair. The end result? Your hair can snap at the slightest amount of force applied to it. When you leave your ends as is, you will risk causing more damage in the long run than you would if you just get rid of them.

• Contrary to the case above, thicker and even ends tend to distribute the force applied during hair manipulation. Hence, it won’t break or snap but rather move freely along with the combing or brushing being done to it.

• You have the option to cut your thin and uneven ends in one go, or do it slowly wherein you cut smaller amounts of hair over a given period. For example, you can opt to cut one inch every 2-3 weeks. The reason why pre-emptive trimming is necessary is because you want to stop damage before it runs up the hair shaft. If you wait until that happens, you are also risking the health of the rest of your hair. If you are trying to maintain a certain length, then opting to cut it slowly might be the best route.

• Make sure you visit your hairstylist so they can help assess and pinpoint the cause of your thinning ends. This will enable you to make some changes in your daily hair care regimen as some of it might be contributing to the problem. Unless you make the appropriate changes, then you could end up suffering from thinning ends again as time passes by.

• Other suggestions for dealing with thinning ends, aside from cutting it, are to minimise exposure to direct heat and always keeping the ends moisturised.

Do you cut your dry ends or attempt to treat them?

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