Are You Using The Wrong Conditioner?

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Are you using the wrong conditioner


 Conditioning is a vital part of the hair care routine. But many women do not realise that their choice of conditioner is causing more damage to their tresses than nourishing them. Indeed, not all conditioners come in a one-size-fits-all package. You may be using the wrong conditioner for your hair type.You need to research your hair type and what conditioner works best to get more results from your hair care regimen.

Understanding Conditioners

A good conditioner will close the hair cuticle, return moisture back into the hair, and create silky-smooth results. Smoothing the hair cuticle will minimise frizz and even the pH level for more shine and less static. But before you can expect those results, you must start by identifying your hair type and what kind of conditioner is recommended.

Most women are content with the conditioner they are familiar with, yet they are not happy with the results they get. Here are some situations wherein you might want to consider getting a new one:

  • Did you follow your stylist’s recommended conditioner? These are professionals who are familiar with your hair type and condition. Hence, they are the ones who are qualified to advise the best hair conditioner that will work into your regimen. If you ask your stylist for a suggestion, follow it because they have first-hand experience with your hair and know exactly what kind of care it needs.
  • Do you use a colour-safe conditioner for your hair? If you have coloured hair, you can’t expect to get protection and moisture from a standard conditioner. When you buy online or at your local beauty store, ask what conditioner works best for coloured hair. Also, go for a brand that you can trust to ensure the quality of the results you get.

More Expensive Is Not Necessarily Better

  • Do you think that more expensive conditioners are more effective, too? I’m afraid you might be mistaken in this aspect – it does not mean that your conditioner is more expensive and will be more effective for your hair than cheaper brands. In the same way, cheap brands are not necessarily damaging or ineffective for your hair. Spending more than $30 is even more unreasonable when you reach the $100 mark. Go for products that offer value. But most importantly, you need to know what the conditioner is for and whether it is precisely what your hair needs!

Hair Conditioner 101 – Avoiding the wrong conditioner

Here are some guidelines for finding the right conditioner for your hair type:

Oily and Limp Hair: Go for light, strengthening and balancing conditioners to remove excess oil.

Dry and Damaged Hair: Choose hydrating, smoothing, and moisturising conditioners because it helps to liven up your hair without weighing it down. Deep conditioning treatment is also recommended.

Curly Hair: Go for conditioners specially formulated for curly hair, such as moisturising conditioner.

Straight Hair: Smoothing and moisturising conditioners work best if you have straight hair.

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