5 Habits to Incorporate Into Your Hair Styling Routine

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At the start of the New Year, most people come up with a list of resolutions. Most of these resolutions consist of changing a bad habit or two in order to start afresh and obtain a more positive result in certain aspects of one’s life. If you want to make improvements in your beauty routine, you should start by looking into your hair care routine. The simplest changes such as correcting your negative hair styling habits can mean a difference in maintaining healthier hair without necessarily spending more on expensive products.

If you start with any of these five hair styling habits, you should be off to the right path:

Habit #1: Create a trim schedule.

Frequent trimming is vital in maintaining the health of your hair. Even when you are planning to grow your hair out, don’t wait until your tresses are too long until you go for a trim. A properly trimmed hair is easier to maintain when it comes to styling and ensures that every strand is properly nourished. Getting a haircut every 8 weeks should be good to go!

Habit #2: Ease up on hair treatments and tools.

Heating is an important aspect of hair styling but you need to be careful when exposing your hair to heat. Too much of something is never a good thing. When using hair products and tools such as blow dryer or curling iron, make sure to observe moderation at all times. Damaged, flat, or greasy hair all come as a result of using too much hair products too often. Thus, you should give your hair a break from time to time, too. Or, you can style your hair with something different that don’t require the use of hot tools.

Habit #3: Deep conditioning is good for your hair.

Deep conditioning is essential in keeping your locks vibrant and healthy for longer. It can also restore health in dry and damaged hair. But refrain from conditioning your hair too often – it is one of the major no-nos when it comes to hair care. A monthly deep conditioning is sufficient in maintaining hair’s natural shine and luster. This process is vital for color-treated hair or those that regularly undergo hot treatment.

Habit #4: Care for your hair roots, too.

When you care for your hair, never dismiss the roots. Use volumising products to strengthen the hair roots. The stronger your roots are, the less likely your hair is going to suffer from breakage. It is also the key to strengthening your hair strands.

Habit #5: Time to get a new brush!

Your hair brush is similar with your make up brush – they deteriorate over time. Thus, you need to get a new hair brush every six months (ideally) to ensure maximum care for your hair. Worn out bristles result in damage to your hair cuticle and bring more frizziness.

Are you ready to enjoy healthier and more vibrant? Start with these hair styling habits and you should be on your way there.

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