How-To: Keep Your Hair Vibrant While Traveling

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apdk on Flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0
apdk on Flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

Hitting the road presents lots of fun times ahead. However, the stress of traveling can affect your tresses at some point, especially if you are traveling to a humid place during spring or summer. But the least that you’d want to baffle you during travel is a bad hair day. Thus, women need to be prepared to battle any signs of a bad hair day. You want to keep your tresses looking as vibrant as possible while on the road.

3 Common Hair Problems

Every person is unique when it comes to their hair type and the hair problems they experience while on the road. However, most of these problems fall into any three common hair dilemma categories that women share: flat hair, boring hair, and frizzy hair. Those with curly hair or paper-straight hair tend to be immune from these problems. Curly haired women, in particular, should not worry because they tend to work best with a humid environment.

No need to worry though because it is easy to fix these common hair problems.

Flat hair is the typical dilemma experienced by women, particularly those with straight hair, due to heat and other elements your tresses might be exposed to while traveling. Over time, it loses its natural volume until it becomes damp or dry and lifeless.

Next to flat hair, boring hair during summer adventure trip is something that a lot of women complain about. Due to the heat, most women care less about proper styling of their hair because they want to freshen up. But styling can be very difficult when the elements are not cooperating and your hair looks far from ideal to style.

Lastly, a frizzy hair comes as a result of the humidity because the ends of your hair strands tend to rise up. It not only makes your hair look messy and frizzled, it seems impossible to put them back into place!

What To Bring

Despite the prevalence of the above hair problems, women are still baffled when it comes to addressing them. The thing that women have to realise is that there is no need to go to the salon every time they want to liven up their tresses. Make sure you include a few hair styling essentials when packing your items for the road trip or summer vacation.

A detangling brush is the most basic tool to carry with you on the road. Choose ones with flexible bristles so that it will adjust to the length and amount of frizz on your hair or else you could end up with falling hair. Ideally, buy a detangling brush that is recommended for both wet and dry hair.

A blow dryer with a nozzle is also a good tool to carry when dealing with bad hair day on the road. It is perfect for those suffering from flat and dull hair. The air-dry will help to remove extra moisture on your hair, as well as add more volume to it.

If your hair dries out easily from humidity, you might want to bring an anti-humidity spray. It helps to keep off the moisture from your hair. It also works perfectly for when you are dealing with frizzy hair.

The curling iron is the last and one of the most important hair care essentials while traveling. It is perfect for doing a quick touch-up of your hair and keep it looking gorgeous. Also, hair pins and holders are very useful when you want to explore with more styling options for your hair.

Don’t let your hair ruin your vacation! With the tips above, you can hopefully keep your tresses looking healthy and gorgeous.

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