Makeup Crimes You Need to Steer Clear Of

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Makeup, among other cosmetic products, are designed to enhance and/or complement your natural beauty. This is why it is important to take extra consideration when shopping for makeup products to ensure that it will look flattering on you. However, we have all had those times wherein we did not know better. Hence, it can lead to embarrassing, oftentimes dreaded, looks that we end up wishing we could bury behind our deepest memories.

But you should not put yourself through the embarrassing scenario of committing common makeup mistakes. We have listed some major makeup no-nos to ensure that you wouldn’t commit them yourself.

Obvious Lip Liner

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Yes, you’ve seen this before (if not on yourself, but on others). Lip liner that outlines the shape of your lips too explicitly is not flattering at all. You do not want it to become too obvious that you are lining the lips.

To avoid this mistake, choose a lip liner that closely resembles the shade of your chosen lipstick. That way, the color blends in well. If you cannot find matching lip liner shade, choose one that is closest to the natural tone of your lips. Also, use light strokes when putting on a lip liner. You just want to shape your lips, not trace it.

Too Much Eyeshadow

Putting on eye makeup can be a lot of fun, especially when you are trying to experiment with various eye shadow combinations and techniques. However, steer clear from putting on too heavy eyeshadow. This is a common mistake especially for those who are practicing their eye makeup. It is easy to get heavy-handed with the application but you’d have to pay the price because it does not do anything to flatter your eyes at all.

But here’s an easy trick to salvage your eye makeup: use a moisturiser. Dab on your eye makeup with a small amount of the moisturiser. This will help dilute the colour of your eye shadow. Finish it off with a light swatch of neutral eye shadow colour.

Clumps on Eyelashes


This is another beauty faux pas for all women out there who loves wearing makeup. The most common reason behind this is that your mascara has dried up and has formed into clumps. When you put it onto your eye lashes, naturally the clumps will also form there.

Fixing this makeup problem starts even before you apply the mascara. Make sure you get rid of excessc clumps from your mascara wand before you run it to your eye lashes. Use a clean tissue and the brush the wand against it (slowly) to get rid of excess formula. Make sure you do this from root to tip for even application.

Another important reminder to avoid clumping in your eye lash makeup is to pick the right mascara formula. Thickening mascaras are not recommended for women with naturally thin eye lashes. It will not be able to hold up well and the result is unnatural. Also, do not apply more than two coats of mascara when doing your eye makeup.

Overdone Blush

Adding blush to your cheeks is designed to give a natural and healthy glow to your skin. But if you put too much, you could risk yourself looking like a clown. No one wants to see that! Hence, you need to avoid embarrassing yourself with an overdone rosy cheeks if you learn the proper technique of applying cheek blush.


Always start with a clean skin. Then, apply an adequate layer of foundation. Use circular motion when applying blush to your cheeks, making sure to blend them in as you go. This will prevent one side of your cheek becoming darker than the other. Also, you need to focus application around the round part of your cheeks to make the blush more prominent.

Which of these makeup no-no’s were you guilty of committing at least once before? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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