Hair Brush Sizes 101: Are You Using The Correct Size?

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How many times have you wondered about the fact that there are different hair brush sizes in the market? The fact that there are different sizes of hair brushes to choose from is by design. It is intended to facilitate in achieving the perfect hairstyle and blow-drying effect. When it comes to shopping for and using hair brushes, size definitely matters.

Guide to Hair Brush Sizes

In particular, hair brush sizes are determined based on the diameter of each brush. You can choose the ideal size of brush according to the length of the hair. The idea is that the hair strands should be able to wrap itself around the entire diameter of the brush while you are styling in order to achieve the desired style. It also helps to add volume to the hair when blow drying.

Generally speaking, shorter-diameter brushes are best suited for shorter hair. On the other hand, the longer your hair is, the wider the diameter of the brush should be. You can check out below to learn more about choosing the right hair brush sizes and some recommended brushes for you to consider (according to your hair type).

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For Short Hair

If you have short hair or hair that is about chin length, you need to opt for hair brush sizes that are smaller in diameter. For this brush size, you can also use them to style your bangs.

For Medium Hair

For hair that is up to shoulder length, the ideal brush size is somewhere between 35mm to 45mm in diameter. If you use a brush that is too small, there is a tendency for your hair to get stuck within the bristles. Hence, finding the right size is not only great for styling, but also makes for a practical choice too.

For Long Hair

If you have long hair, or those that reaches the collarbone area, you need to go for brushes with a wider diameter. It will be your secret weapon to achieving beautifully voluminous hair!


Use the guide above to help you sort your way through the different hair brush sizes. With the right size of brush, you will find that styling your hair will become more efficient.

Have you been using the right size of brush for your hair length or type?

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