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Which brush is suitable for your hair type? Why so many? Choosing a hairbrush to style your hair seems straightforward, but it hardly ever is. There are so many types of hair brushes in the market that they can get overwhelming. Specific hair brushes are better suited for a particular hair type, while others work better for another. You also have many factors to consider when creating the desired style.

In this guide, you will be able to get a closer look into the different types of hair brushes in the market and how to pinpoint the right one for your hair styling needs. When you find the proper meeting, it can make styling more accessible and more precise while also achieving the look you want.

Types of Hair Brush

To solve the hairbrush mystery, we will take you through each type of hair brush in the market and how to use them for maximum styling results and performance.

Detangling Brush

A detangling brush is what you need to smooth out wet (or dry) hair to reduce breakage. It is a unique type of brush with a specific purpose – to be used on wet hair so you don’t snag at your strands while brushing it. However, never use this brush for blow drying because the heat can melt the bristles.

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush is characterised by its wide shape and is ideally used on unruly hair. This is another one of those hair brushes that stylists recommend as a must-have in your styling arsenal! It is excellent for taming your strands while also being ideal for blow-drying. It sections your hair quickly for quicker drying, too, as you can run it from root to end.

Round Brush

If you have long hair, this brush is a must-have! It is a great tool to straighten your hair and make your strands look sleek. You can find a wide range of bristle types, but choose the boar bristle ones for the best quality results. Whether you want an elegant look or a voluminous blowout, this brush can do the job.

To maximize the volume when styling, brush your hair in the opposite direction so it will lift your strands from the root. If you have long hair, choose a round brush with longer bristles.

Straightening Brush

Many straightening brushes are on the market, and technology has evolved over the years. A good example is using a heated straightening brush, such as the Muk. This is the ideal brush for using a flat iron on your hair because it lets you quickly get perfectly smooth hair!

It is also a great tool to sort out those kinks in your baby’s hair!

Smoothing Brush

Another excellent brush for styling! This tool is recommended if you have unruly locks. Whether you want to smooth out any bumps on your hair or pull back a tight ponytail, this is the tool for you.

Tail Comb

A rat tail comb, known as a tail comb, is another invaluable tool for hair styling. A good hairstyling tool such as this is required to make complicated hairstyles, enabling you to create various sections of your hair with extreme precision.

Among the many uses of a tail, a comb is for parting the hair, teasing the strands for more volume, and for hair colouring (to ensure that every strand gets a piece of the colour pigment).

Best Brushes for Blowouts

A perfect salon blowout is a dream for a lot of women. Unfortunately, it is not a budget-friendly or time-sensitive option to visit your favourite salon whenever you want to achieve a gorgeous blowout. Instead, finding the best brush is the secret to salon-level blowouts at home.

When achieving a perfect blow dry, round brushes are one of the best options. It helps to lift your strands to give them volume while adding shine.

A boar bristle brush would make a fantastic option for a good blowout. This is why you must consider the type of bristles used in a closed meeting. When choosing blowout brushes, make sure you choose ones with hairs that are heat-resistant, as they will most likely be exposed to high temperatures when blow drying. A boar bristle brush is noted for its ability to add shine to your strands by evenly distributing oils. It also gives you more tension, making it suitable for unruly hair. If you want a polished look, a boar bristle brush is recommended.

Another option for the best blowout results with a round brush is made with nylon bristles. ghd is one brand that provides the best nylon bristle brushes. It makes styling easy as the bristles retain heat, making your blowouts easier and faster. It is an excellent tool for professional blowout results at home.

ghd has a few options when it comes to nylon bristle round brushes.

Finally, the size of the barrel should also be taken into account. An extra large barrel brush will help to maximize volume at the roots. However, different large barrels are only suited for longer hair; otherwise, the bristles won’t have enough hair to hold onto when styling.

Another option is a vented brush. This type of brush made it big in the 90s, but many innovations and technology have elevated their performance. The core component for this type of brush is that when used with a blow dryer, the vents enable air to flow through the meeting and onto the hair, resulting in faster drying time and more volume.

If you have fine hair, a thermal brush is what you need. This is one of those hair brushes that infuse a little more body-to-fine hair. In addition, it can retain more heat, so it is recommended for curling.

A ceramic radial brush is worth the splurge if you want to achieve professional, salon-quality blowouts at home. A good example is the ghd professional radial brush. It comes in a versatile size to create a smooth, blow-dry look or a full-bodied style. It can reduce your styling time in half and is also ideal for short to medium-length hair.

Which of these hair brushes do you have in your styling arsenal? Are you using the right hair brush for your hair type or needs? Please share your thoughts below, and let us know any other tips you want to share when choosing the right hair brush.

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