Styling Commandments for Gorgeous Curls

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When women envision gorgeous hair, they often think of curls. It is the most iconic pageant hairstyle that gives any look a feminine, sexy and sultry vibe. Whether you have naturally curly, wavy or straight hair, at some point you will definitely be embracing those curls and make them your tool for a standout look.

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To achieve those gorgeous curls, however, you need to observe a few basic commandments. You can read more below:

* Focus on conditioning. Frizz is one of the biggest enemies when styling curls so you need to give it proper moisture to fight off frizz. Once the hair fibers have sufficient hydration, this will automatically eliminate frizz. It also gives that shiny finish to the hair as the smoother surface is able to reflect light more effectively. For women with naturally curly hair, you need to double the dose on conditioner.

* A styling gel is your best friend when it comes to styling. This product facilitates in holding the natural shape of the curl while also providing protection against harsh environmental conditions such as sunlight and wind. When buying a styling gel, however, you need to stay away from the ones containing silicone and alcohol in its ingredient as they contribute to making your curls crunchy.

* Observe proper drying methods. You need to handle your curls with TLC when it comes to drying and use gentle methods. For instance, using a diffuser when you blow dry can keep away the possibility of forming frizz.


* Keep those gorgeous curls fresh all day. When you notice that your hair is starting to dry out, you can apply a small amount of water and then add some styling products designed to preserve your gorgeous curls such as curl cream or mousse. Scrunch this onto your hair to give more texture and volume.

* If you want your curls to hold for a long time, use a curl defining gel. Opt for ones with lightweight hold so that you can create more definition to your curls without it being too heavy or looking overly done. For maximum results, apply this to wet or damp hair.

What other styling tips can you add for having and maintaining gorgeous curls?

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