Curling Wands

Luscious curls have never been so easy with the following selection of curling wands. Create beautiful curls every time, Curling wands are specially designed to give make you fantastic curls that last.

What is a Curling Wand?
Curling wands are clipless curling irons. Curling wands, known as Conicals, are curling irons designed without a clamp. They come in many various sizes. Some are straight barrels while conicals start thick at the base and become more narrow towards the tip.

What is the best Curling Wand?
The best curling wand is dependant on your hair length and type. If you are after looser, larger curls, go with a wider curling wand such as the 32mm Babyliss Wide Conical.

If you are undecided, you can go with interchangable head system like the Muk Curl Stick. This features three interchangeable heads allowing you to use three different sized barrels.
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