Primers and Enhancers

Get the best out of your eye makeup while ensuring it stays put with these primers and enhancers. Giving long lasting perfection, these are your make-up bag must haves. Primers for the eyes are cosmetic products that are used prior to applying eye shadow in order to create a smooth base for eye makeup and to extend the wear time of eye shadow. They are designed to be worn beneath eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara and are typically applied with a brush or a finger. They contribute to the process by producing a silky base for eye makeup, which makes it simpler to apply and blend the product.

Additionally, they help prevent creasing, smudging, and fading, all of which are common problems associated with eye makeup. In addition, they can help to intensify the colour of eye shadow, giving the impression that the shadow has a greater amount of vibrancy. They can be particularly useful for people who have oily eyelids, as they help to prevent eye shadow from creasing and smudging on the eyelids.

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