How to Reverse Hair Thinning

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Hair thinning is a condition that affects men and women alike. As you get older, your hair will naturally lose its volume and thickness. Like your skin, it is affected by the natural aging process but various factors can contribute to hair thinning, as well. Find out what these factors are so you can prevent it and discover products that can combat hair thinning.

How to Reverse Thinning Hair - My Hair Care & Beauty

What causes hair thinning?

Hair loss is completely normal. Your hair will naturally shed and lose its strength. When that happens, you will grow new hair and new follicles.

There are instances, however, when the new hair follicles are thinner than normal. This is called hair thinning. When this happens, it can lead to bald patches on your hair. The good thing is that you can prevent and treat this problem. But first, you need to identify the cause.

Genetics and hormones can be the primary contributor to thinning of the hair. Hence, some people have a predisposition to suffer from this condition more than others. Diet can also be a factor. Your body needs certain types of proteins to produce new hair follicles. When you lack them in your diet, it can result to finer hair regrowth.

Other factors that cause your hair to thin out when it grows include stress and vitamin D deficiency.

Can you prevent thinning hair?

You can take a few simple remedies in order to prevent hair thinning. Just as diet can contribute to the problem, the right diet can also resolve it. Make sure you eat nutrient-rich foods such as leafy green vegetables. It is also important that you get adequate amount of protein so your hair gets the nutrients it needs to grow thick follicles.

Aside from your diet, lifestyle factors such as those that directly affect your strands must also be looked into. For example, stick to gentle styling such as limiting your use of heat styling tools and avoid wearing your hair too right (such as ponytails).

Finally, use only gentle products on your hair. Avoid hair care products that cause damage to your scalp and follicles. In particular, avoid those with parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.

Fix hair thinning with Evolis Reverse 3-Step Hair Growth System

How to Reverse Thinning Hair - My Hair Care & Beauty

The Evolis Professional Reverse consists of 3 steps that promote hair growth. This system was made for those who are suffering from thinning hair, hair fall, and aging hair. The Reverse system is made up of the Reverse Shampoo, Reverse Conditioner, and Activator. This pack even gives you the option to choose your bonus product: hair mask or the dry shampoo – all from the Reverse range.

These products are plant-based made with ingredients like Rosa multiflora, Sangisorba officinalis and Swertia chirata. These ingredients were selected to boost the antioxidant level in the hair follicles and giving it the necessary nutrients to prevent the growth of FGF5 (a protein that tells hair to fall out).

The Evolis profesional range is designed to address common hair concerns, such as hair thinning and hair fall. Take note of the lifestyle factors above that can contribute to this hair problem and use a product that can protect your hair strands from more damage.

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