Reasons Why You’re Losing Hair

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Hair loss used to be a problem plaguing men only. However, there is an evident rise in hair loss cases in women these days. The obvious reasons could be pointed to exposure to harsh chemical treatments and heat styling; however, there are far more factors that can contribute to your hair loss or thinning than you think. It is important to learn as much as you can about these contributors to hair loss in order to combat or prevent them.


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No, stop believing this is a myth. There is scientific proof that stress can cause hair loss, which is dubbed as a scalp disorder telogen effluvium. This scalp condition is characterised by drastic hair loss resulting from extreme levels of stress. The reason for this is that stress affects a large spectrum of your day-to-day activities, such as your sleeping patterns, diet and emotional outlook. All of these factors can create abnormalities in your body’s physiological functions and that includes ability to produce new hair. It can also prompt your hair follicles to hit a “resting” phase, which is why you’ll notice large amount of hair shedding on a daily basis.

Thyroid Problem

One of the symptoms to thyroid problem is hair loss or thinning. Hence, your hair loss problem (especially if you had been particular about your hair care habits) could be contributed by problems in your thyroid. Make sure you consult your doctor right to have it treated immediately (if it was proven to be attributed to your thyroid condition), or assess other measures you can take to prevent hair loss (if it is proven to not be linked with your thyroid condition). The sooner you get yourself checked, the better.

Imbalance in Vitamin Intake

In this day and age, taking vitamins has become a way of life. But as always, too much of something is never good either. This is true especially if you focus on supplementing just one type of vitamin, completely regretting the other needs of your body as well. In particular, too much vitamin A but not getting enough vitamin D can contribute to thinning or loss of hair.

According to health experts, women should get a daily dose of 600 IU of vitamin D. If you do not like popping vitamins, you can get vitamin D from orange juice, salmon and fortified milk.

Styling Habits

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Unhealthy Scalp

Remember this article wherein we’ve discussed the importance of maintaining your scalp for healthy hair? This explains why – if you are not giving proper care and attention to your scalp, you could eventually lose your hair. The logic behind this is simple – your scalp serve as the breeding ground for your hair. If it is not a healthy and well cultivated space, how do you expect your hair follicles to thrive in it?

If you have scalp problems, take time to identify what specific scalp condition you are suffering from. Then, find a hair product design to treat that condition. For instance, if you have itchy or flaky scalp, a scalp treatment can help remove product buildup and provide it with essential nutrients needed for it to stay healthy. Products that contain tea tree oil, rosemary, or peppermint essentials are best for your scalp.

Lack of Protein

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Protein is essential for hair growth. Hence, denying your diet of protein sources can drastically lead to thinning of hair, and eventually hair loss. When your body has a limited supply of protein, it is forced to appropriate that protein to the most essential functions. And that means your hair (all 15,000 of them!) can get pushed back in the line of priority, which is then characterised by the thinning or weakening of the strands. When your hair strands are weak, they easily break and that contributes to more hair loss.

Women need 46 grams of protein each day. Hence, try to incorporate a good amount of meat, fish, and dairy into your daily diet to ensure that your hair stays healthy too.

Are you suffering from hair loss?

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    Protein deficiency makes hair dry and weak, which leads to hair fall. So it is necessary to balance protein levels in the body.