Styling Tricks to Make Your Braids Look Thicker

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Braids are one of the most enduring hairstyles around. The reason for this is that it is both functional and stylish. However, practicing how to create the perfect braid can entail a learning curve. In some cases, they do not end up the way you envisioned them to be (or as you see on Pinterest and some other Youtube tutorials). One issue in particular involves creating the right volume, texture and thickness to make the braids look more enticing.

* One of the simplest tricks to bulk up your braid is to buy a hair extension. If you are lucky to find one, go for a braided extension so you can easily clip it into your hair and achieve more volumised style.


* Another easy technique for faking fuller braid is to loosely tie the braids. Then, gently pull the braid apart so they look fuller. Make sure you do so gently to keep the braids from being pulled out of the section.

* Finishing your braids with a hairspray can also help fake fuller braids. The hairspray not only helps to set the style but also adds thickness to each strand.

Are you having problems with creating a thick braid? How did you remedy it?

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