Tips to Maintain Platinum Hair at Home

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Platinum blonde is one of the easiest to love and the hardest to maintain among hair colours. If you are among those who have embraced the icy shade, knowing how to keep platinum hair at home to prevent brassiness is essential. But that’s not all – hydration and repair are critical issues you must face. The bleaching process can cause massive damage to the strands, making them prone to dryness and becoming brittle.

How do you keep up with this high-maintenance colour?

Caring for Platinum Hair

Keeping your platinum hair vibrant is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible to keep that deep look to your strands after you step out of the salon when you follow these tips.

Protein is your friend.

Blonde hair is, naturally, in need of extra strength. Protein is even more critical for those who are not naturally blonde and have bleached their hair to achieve that platinum colour.

A weekly protein treatment is highly recommended to maintain platinum hair at home. Infusing your strands with protein can give them extra strength and resiliency so they won’t break easily. FYI – you might experience hair fallout due to bleaching your hair platinum. The use of protein treatment will also make your hair look healthy and robust.

Proper nourishment

Spoiler alert: hair that is bleached platinum blonde will look and feel crunchy. This is why proper nourishment is vital.

Choose a hair treatment designed for platinum hair that provides a healthy dose of nourishment to your strands. The good news about it? Healthy hair can retain colour better. Thus, you can expect your platinum hair to last and look more vibrant for longer.

Adapt your haircare routine.

The moment you choose to have platinum hair, your haircare routine must also change. First and foremost, your hair is going to be prone to frizz. Swapping your cotton pillowcases for the silk ones might be a good idea.

As your hair becomes fragile, it is essential to avoid heat styling whenever possible. If you must use heated tools, wear a lightweight treatment to protect your strands from more damage.

Best Products to Maintain Platinum Hair

Maintaining platinum hair at home is more straightforward when you have the right products in tow. To keep the gorgeous look of your icy blonde shade, you need to incorporate these products into your hair care routine.

evo fabuloso platinum blonde shampoo

A solid purple shampoo that gently cleansed while neutralising unwanted brassy, yellow tones in colour-treated blonde and lightened hair to leave it evenly toned, cleansed and revived.

evo fabuloso platinum blonde colour intensifying conditioner

Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde is ideal for dull, dry, colour-treated blonde to very light blonde hair to achieve a clean blonde tone (remove yellow).

Evo happy campers

Evo Happy Campers Wearable Treatment is a lightweight, daily styling treatment that moisturises, strengthens and protects while adding style support—ideal for all hair types, fragile, brittle, colour-treated hair.

How do you maintain platinum hair at home? Don’t forget to share your tips in the comment!

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