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Women spend hundreds of dollars and countless amount of time each day in a bid to have great hair. It is therefore important to give some thought to your shampoo habits to ensure that you are making the most of every wash.

Below are some of the questions that you might have about the use of shampoo (that you were probably to shy to raise) and the corresponding answers from experts:

Q: How often should you shampoo?

A: This is, without a doubt, the most frequently asked question about shampoo. And despite the fact that experts have said in the past that daily shampoo is not recommended, many still doubt whether this holds true or offer any difference at all. A new study from professors at the dermatology department of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine have claimed that there is no serious harm to daily washing unless you have serious risk for breakage.

However, there are undeniable setbacks to daily washing that refutes this idea. You can follow a set of rules, though. The only reason to wash your hair daily is when you live in an overly polluted city or exposed to humidity, when you workout daily, or have oily hair. Otherwise, shampooing your hair every other day will do.

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Q: What temperature level is best for washing hair?

A: Warm (not hot) water is ideal for washing your hair because it helps produce a nice lather for your hair. In addition, it contributes to helping shampoo dissolve quicker for a thorough rinse.

Q: Is there such a thing as using too much shampoo?

A: No, provided that you take every measure to rinse it off your hair thoroughly. However, there is no need to use more shampoo than is necessary – a dollop size amount will often do for most hair types.

Q: How often should you use clarifying or cleansing shampoo?

A: Generally, clarifying your hair is recommended twice a month. But if you use a lot of styling products, then you can switch up to a weekly clarifying treatment.


Q: How do you know it is time to use a new shampoo?

A: It is a popular perception that you need to switch your shampoo regularly as it develops immunity to the formula used. Use your own prerogative on this. If you feel that a particular type of shampoo is no longer providing the benefits it once has, then you can look for another better alternative. However, there is no point in switching shampoos just because you have to.

Q: How long before a shampoo expires?

A: Most shampoos manufactured today can last from 2-3 years, depending on the manufacturer or brand. But you need to regulate your shampoo to ensure that you won’t be using any old ones. It might do any harm to your hair but they won’t be bringing in the same benefits as a new one. Hence, there is no point in continuing to use them either.

What is your biggest concern about shampoo?

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  1. Corne Avatar

    I have oily hair and wash it daily with a sulfate free shampoo . I wet it thoroughly first then shampoo with a very small amount shampoo and then do a second wash that lathers better and then I condition.
    Is this okay?