Styling Tips for Added Hair Volume

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styling tips for added volume

Whether you have naturally flat hair or not, you probably spent much of your time watching hair product ads hoping you can achieve the same look as the celebrities. The kind of hair that comes with a glossy shine and stays back into place even after being tossed and tousled around. Perfect hair, right? Here’s a secret: the perfect hair you see in ads takes much hard work. Perfect hair isn’t so perfect after all! The story’s moral here is this: your aim to have wavy hair with lots of volume is not entirely out of reach. Below we will go through styling tips for added hair volume. With the right hair products and styling techniques, you can proudly strut your hair and feel confident that you look your best.

Get a Layered Haircut

A hairstyle of long layers helps introduce instant volume into the hair, even for fine hair. The layers make hair movement possible and create a perceived body in your locks. As a bonus, layered hairstyles are easy to style and maintain.

Change Your Hair Parting

In addition to getting a layered look, simple techniques such as changing how your hair part from the crown is vital in creating volume where there isn’t. Experiment with various parting and see which ones provide a temporary (but instant!) lift to your locks.

Use a Volumising Hair Product

Sounds like an obvious tip, right? To maximise the volumising effect on your hair, start applying the volumiser from the roots of your hair. Then, flip your hair over and blow dry it while upside down. It is a simple technique that exploits gravity to create more lift in your hair. At the same time, it helps your hair strands to stay away from your scalp.

Skip the Conditioner

Hair conditioning products tend to weigh your hair down. Hence, skipping it to achieve volume in your hair would be best. In addition to hair conditioner, you might want to look into other hair care products that create the same effect, making your hair look limp and flat.

Wave Your Locks

Stick-straight hair might be all the rage a few years ago, but it has changed since. Nowadays, women prefer wavy and messy locks because they bring more volume and a sexy vibe into their looks. Waving the ends of your hair is an excellent technique to infuse a volumising effect. It creates perceived volume over straight and sleek dos.

Colour it Up!

Adding colour to your hair can instantly boost hair volume by completely changing its colour or adding some highlights. The darker colours tend to create the maximum effect, though.

Tease the Crown

Use a fine-toothed comb when teasing the crown of your hair, and then add a bit of hair spray. This will give your height a little lift to achieve maximum volume. Never forget the hairspray, though, or else you could look like you’ve built a rat’s nest on top of your head.

Use these tips for added hair volume when styling your hair for a special occasion or as part of your everyday routine, and you’d leave people thinking you just stepped out of the salon!

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