Easy Spring Hairstyles with GHD Glide (with Video)

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When GHD Glide first hit the market, it made waves for its breakthrough technology that made second-day styling a breeze. Known as the world’s first professional hot brush, this innovative tool is a must-have in any woman’s styling arsenal…especially if you want to save time styling in the morning. Today, you will learn about easy spring hairstyles that you can create using GHD Glide.

Easy Spring Hairstyles with GHD Glide (with Video)

Easy Spring Hairstyles using GHD Glide

Be the queen of the sheets.

Would you like to spend extra time in bed in the morning, or on weekends? This spring, you will have the perfect excuse to take your time in the morning as this unique hair styling tool is what you need for that perfect second-day hair.

With the ceramic technology and ioniser, recreating these easy spring hairstyles can be done in a few easy steps. Check out the tutorials and how-to guide below to find out how to create these hairstyles.

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Smooth with Movement

Stop dreaming of perfect hair! This spring, you can now achieve that with the re-stock of GHD Glide. The ‘Smooth with Movement‘ hairstyle is one of the easy spring hairstyles that you can create with this innovative styling tool. This look is characterised by a natural-looking sleek hairstyle while still keeping its volume and movement (with bounce).

Easy Spring Hairstyles with GHD Glide

Are you ready to achieve hair that is smooth with movement? Follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Prep hair with ghd protect spray. Divide hair into sections (one inch per section).

Step 2: Use the GHD Glide on each section of the hair. Use an upward motion to add volume and bounce. Pull the hot brush to a 90-degree angle as you reach the tip of the hair. Do this until you complete all sections.

Step 3: At the crown, take one section of hair and direct it upwards to add volume. Finish your hair with the GHD Final Shine Spray.

Second Day Smooth

Second hair styling is always a puzzle… until GHD Glide came into the scene. This professional hot brush is designed to quickly smooth out any kinks in your second-day hair. For your slept-in locks, there is no better tool to go with than this!

Easy Spring Hairstyles with GHD Glide (with Video)

Revolutionise your morning routine with GHD Glide. Create one of the easy spring hairstyles with our revolutionary hot brush when style using this tool from root to tip. Follow this step-by-step guide to create this hairstyle at home:

Step 1: Prep your hair with the GHD protect spray. Divide hair into sections, about one inch per section.

Step 2: With the logo facing you, glide the hot brush from root to tip working one section at a time. Repeat the process, this time with the logo away from you.

Step 3: When you finish all sections of your hair, you can finish the style with the GHD Final Shine Spray.

You can find more GHD hairstyle tutorials to inspire you with creative spring looks here.

Have you tried the newly re-stocked GHD Glide yet? Which of these easy spring hairstyles will you be keen to try with this powerful GHD tool? Tweet us a pic of your hairstyles using this hairstyling tool!

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