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Fresh from the primordial gene pool, the best cutters, designers and lab rats in the business have created evo : the most luxurious, innovative and yet sensible hair care range that has ever existed. born from a desire to produce a high quality salon range (and not sell it as the answer to life, love and other woes), evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention, to help people think a little and look good, all at the same time. evo ... sweet revenge against an industry of over-inflated truths. EVO In an industry filled with copycats, EVO stands out from the pack. This range of exciting and unique hair care products will allow you to take control of your hair. EVO is now available at prices that even the most budget-conscious diva can afford. This range of products features something for every hair type and every styling need. This includes products that will allow you to end up with the perfect hairdo every time. EVO haircare knows that like life, your hair can be slightly twisted, humorous, and cheeky, depending on your mood. That's why every EVO product comes with its very own cheeky wording and in simple, raw packaging. Each product comes with its own cheeky wording, and with the raw and simple packaging Evo’s mischievous wording makes for a fresh clever brand, with products that deliver what they promise. EVO is absent the ritzy marketing that usually claims that a product is a miracle cure. It doesn't contain animal extracts, roots, or exotic dirt. Lab rats, designers, and stylists have all created the EVO brand. It is innovative and luxurious, yet it is sensible. It was born to become a high-end salon line that does not sell itself as the answer to love, life and other woes. EVO steps out of the realm of truth-stretching invention to help people look good and think a little at the same time. Over-inflated truths are not part of EVO's marketing game plan. When you buy EVO online and purchase more than $50, your order qualifies for free shipping. EVO products are never tested on our animals friends, and they do not contain paraben, sulphate, or propylene glycol.

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